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    Bangalore, India
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    Reading all sorts of books, singing (I SUCK at it though..lol), dancing, playing basketball for hours together EVERY single day, composing poetry, bingeing on chocolates, listening to music, hanging out with friends, shopping, shopping AND shopping! ;) I'm also super interested in all kinds of adventure sports (especially reverse bungee jumping! =D) and I hereby declare my undying love for the ENGLISH language. =P
  1. Hey, pk! I left a message on my profile about moisturizer and stuff... it really has never worked for me. =/ I've always had bad combination skin - dry with a layer of oil, so I can sympathize with that! Anyway, all the best to you! =]

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment, but howevermuch I avoid using products that dry my skin out too much, all the gels prescribed by my derm invariably end up doing so! And I use very little moisturiser in the mornings but come evenings and my skin is just super oily again! :( And btw, you're very pretty yourself! :)

  3. pk!

    Hmm.. Redness is evident!

    My acne sucks! :(
  4. Everytime I get my threading done, around 3-4 tiny whiteheads appear on each side of my face, just where my upper lip starts! It's definitely not 'coz of the parlour, 'coz I've changed parlours a million times and it still continues.. And it's not 'coz of the thread either, 'coz I don't get these pimples under my eyebrows! Plus, these darn whiteheads take about a week and a half to get cleared, by which time I have to go to the parlour again!!! Can someone please shed some light onto this?!