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  1. If you've never suffered from something someone else has, rarely can you understand what they're going through. I used to mod this site back in 2003, 2004. These kind of things were very common. You can't really explain to people what's happening to you, but one thing is for sure, you'll know who your friends are. In a weird way it's a crazy kind of blessing, because you find the friends worth sticking with.
  2. It can't be helped mate :P

    I will chat you up if i get the chance lol

  3. you fecking tart. stop chatting up all these babes

  4. These things never change do they, the same old problems, being out in public with acne and feeling awful because of it. Back in the day i was so paranoid while i was out that it drove me crazy just having my head low and hiding my face. By the time i got home i would usually explode out of my shell that i'd been couped up in for the duration of the outside world visit. Then i felt free to be in my room and not hide my face behind stuff. I'm so thankful those days are over for me, I hope they
  5. hey Matt, Happy Birthday!!

  6. i try to do nothing but moisturise in the morning because my skin really gets red or some other crazy thing if i do stuff to it in the morning. I usually just clense at night.
  7. i play guitar too, it is a great stress reliever. You have the perfect skin for you anyway, and i am sure those two marks will go, i think if you leave them alone you will wake up in a few months and wonder what you were even seeing. AD IS a MENTAL ILLNESS, so if you know you have it, seek help. Stay in community (friends etc) and get reassured that what you see is a distorted or exaggerated image. Have a great christmas
  8. Oh yes, i was alone for a while. I didn't want to be with anyone and i convinced myself no one would or could ever love me and so i imprisoned my self in my own mind. But now i appreciate my relationship more than i could have if i had just gone from girl-to-girl. It is so much more meaningful and fullfilling. I hope you guys have a wonderful christmas.
  9. It is christmas eve, and this morning i awoke to a clear face. For those of you who are familiar with my story, i suffered with severe cystic ance (the acne well link at the bottom links to a long since forgotten part of the org, that is where my dark story lives!) and have been dealing with it for about 4 years. I still get mild break outs, but it is nothing like it was. Finally, i am starting to see my skin looks a lot healthier than it used to. I am drinking PLENTY of water, every day and i h
  10. click on my link (the ance well) or go to the ance dismorphia section of acne.org, AD is treatable, and there are many good books on it. Your focus on the flaws is what causes you the depression, and it becomes an obsession. You need to break away from the mirror. I suffer also, and i try very hard not to get caught in the mirror cycle, Keep your mind active and get outside as much as you can. I guarantee you that no one cares about your two marks, or could even see them, and if you intensely
  11. a way will present itself, your time is not over yet.