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  1. Im completely like this as well. I think that it is a psychological thing...a coping mechanism!
  2. Ive been using this for about two/three weeks now and have deffenetly seen an improvement in my skin. However its still not perfect so I saw on another thread that taking apple cider vinegar works, would you recommend this to be ok to take with the cod liver oil?
  3. glycolic acid seems to be clearing me up really well, but im using jan marini which costs me £51 each time, not good seeing that im a student earning around £60 a week!! does anyone know of any cheaper aha products that I would be able to purchase in the UK? thanks!
  4. I used aqua glycolic acid face wash and it was far too harsh for my skin. I now jst use a very simple wash that isnt harsh or overbearing and i use aha on my skin in the morning and evening, my skin has got better since.
  5. ive been doing this for a week now i take three teaspoons of cod liver oil a day, is that enough?? My skin has got better recently! (I think!)
  6. ooook brought my codliver oil tablets today but on the packet it says take three a day and dont overdoes. Im not into that! would i still see results if i took 3 a day? Im thinking of actually getting cod liver oil instead as taking a table spoon morning and night seems less frightening! advive and help please!
  7. I think i may order purpose if u can get in the uk, or mebbe just dkr cleanser! argh too many choises... not enough money, I guess the basic thing is that i just get something basic and gentle that wont strip my skin and it is the BP that is the important thing right?
  8. Thanks so much for these! They're gonna come in so handy when I start on the BP. Im deffinetly gonna pruchase some jojoba oil as this seems to be what everyone swears by. And if my dryness gets too bad some kind of heavy duty moisturizer for the night time. again thanks and keep them coming!
  9. also from my reading I see a lot of people on here use something know as purpose cleanser. can any users of this please recommend or review? THANKS!
  10. Hey there i am seriously contemplating starting the DKR regime soon and do expect dryness, due to memories of using BP years ago and messages on this board. On trying to find info on a good way to moisturize on the regime I have found lots of advice and reviews scattered about. To try and make something more concise I thought that everyone could place how they personally moisturize on here. So for example if you follow these headings we should have a good way to see what people are up to and i
  11. thanks for your contribution! How are you finding the dkn regieme? i shall see what others recommend but i am just thinking of ordering the whole dan regime as it seems easier that way and he seems like a genuine guy not someone just out to make money from acne sufferers, its just you know going from product to product over the years always makes me a weary user! at the moment I use decleor website http://www.decleor.co.uk which they said was gentle. It uses aromatics But i dunno if this is ac
  12. Hey there im gonna be starting with the BP soon (see my blog for more info- http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...logid=266&) . and really want to use a gentle facial wash. Dan's looks ok but i guess im not sure cos there is so much out there. How do I know what is gentle or not. I want something for greasy skin that will gently clean and is not too harsh! Can anyone using dan's please post they're experiences. or any others you know to be extremly gentle for acne, oily, sensitive s
  13. Im using glycolic acid at the moment. I was told to use it to smooth out my skin and get rid of scarring after my lazer. The lazer hasnt worked so i was thinking of changing to BP so i was using something that actually gets rid of acne. Or does glycolic get rid of acne for you???