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  1. well, i had severe acne last year, but thanks to two courses of accutane i've cleared up, leaving only scars but i've also noticed they're healing abit. anyways in australia, its now winter, and ever since it started ive been getting alot of whiteheads which i don't really mind cause they pop easily after a shower, but what i do mind is that they leave obvous red marks after, and every day i would get about 7-9 whiteheads. I'm aware winter gets dry, and ive been getting dry skin too, and when i
  2. Title pretty much says it, is it safe to get ear peircing? Those who did, how was the healing?
  3. oh, it is too i guess.. it looks like i got punched in the eye, but its getting better soon, but its not the first time i had it anyway. There just a bitch
  4. There's this one pimple on my eyelid thats bugging me like crazy cause it hurts. Is there any way to get rid of it? This is my 2nd course on the 3rd month.... However, so far everything's been good, except my red marks look more redder, making my scars more obvious... and one cyst on my cheek which i got a few days ago, I think its going away, but its leaving a dark brown mark ==
  5. yeah, that is why i worry, i see more people talking about post redness/flushing, hairloss/shedding and long term joint pains or being really vulnerable to injuries (bruises, etc.)
  6. Did you see results? Do you drink it or wash your face with it?
  7. This is my 2nd course of accutane, i'm about a week in, and i dont know if im breaking out or its jsut my face being gay lol. I was just wondering, since i'm on a low dose, when should i expect to see results?
  8. sigh, my face has red marks and these damn tiny holes that cover literally my whole face, its pretty bad scarring... I really don't know what to do. heh..so what can i do? or the least...
  9. you comment yourself. interesting. lol fun.

  10. Im kinda confused... Id the hairloss caused by dry scalp or wat?
  11. eeek, i'll keep that in mind... any other?
  12. So i'm post 8 or 9 months since my last accutane course, and well... i'm back on it. The thing is, i hesitated a bit this time, because i realized that this is a strong drug and i know the deal and how it all works. My acne wasn't as bad as it was when i started though. BUT after reading a few posts, I recently became really concerned about hair loss and weight gain. I didn't really mind this because i was so desperate and just wanted to get rid of my damn severe acne. Currently i am put on a
  13. I think Roaccutane, Clavaris, Oratane, Accutane etc. are just sorta like brand names. Its the isotretinion ingredient u want.
  14. For some reason, I feel I have gotten some fat around my tummy area, yet i have not gained any weight... am i losing muscle or something?