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  1. Hey there, I'm on day 52 and I'm also on 40mg. My acne was starting to get pretty bad to where I did'nt want anyone to look at me, I even stopped excersising at the gym and never went out. Big zits that hurt, especially on the chin and cheeks. My chest, back and underarms were breaking out, although the birth control cleared up my back and chest. The only side effects that i have had are dry lips a little bit but I use Aquaphor, it's much better than chapstick. I'm getting very good results!!!
  2. This is for people that are wondering if they should try Isotretinoin. The answer is yes! You should try it. I am just finishing up my second month and my acne has pretty much cleared up, of course, there are some red marks from the old ones. Also, the days of being drenched in oil are gone. I no longer have to pat my face down with towels. I am on a low dose, 40mg, and the only side effect that I have had are dry lips. Don't believe the horror stories, ask for low doses. People will try to scar
  3. I'm not sure if you are a women or not but have they tested your hormone levels? Their could be underlying things that are not being treated and that's why it keeps returning-like polycystic ovary syndrome or higher than normal levels of testosterone. I'm on a generic of accutane and I'm concerned it's not going to clear it because it was suggested to me by my doctor that I had polycystic ovary syndrom, but never diagnosed.
  4. I know how you feel. I don't do a lot of the things I used to. I won't even excersise in the morning because I don't want to be seen without makeup and I won't get the mystic tan that I spend money on because I can't wear my makeup there and I feel embarrassed to go in. Although, I have found that even as crappy, red, blotchy, and bumpy as my face looks without makeup that when I put my Cosmedicine tinted moisturizer over it it evens out the skin and then I really buff in some of that Bare Miner
  5. Hah, last month I had been using Ziana and just had a glycolic acid peel a few days before so my face was peeling and I was on this speed boat with some friends going about 70 mph and one of them looked over because I had this piece of skin hangin off my face, probablly almost an inch long, talk about embarrassing!!!
  6. This is the first time in my life I have had insurance, hah, and I still end up paying! Anyways, when I did'nt have insurance I used to go to the derm and it was only $75 for the visit. I just finally told this derm that I have already tried everything for several years and I don't want to screw with antibiotics and topicals because they are not working, surprisingly this women was real quick to get me started with the isotretinoin. And the other derm working there she had taken accutane herself
  7. I just finished day number six and I don't have any significant side effects. I take 20mg tabs of Claravis split daily. Hope it clears my skin
  8. I have only seen the vending machines with the ipods and stuff that you can buy. But I seriously, am upset about the proactive stuff because it shows people with really bad cystic acne and it claims to clear it and give you beautiful celebrity Jessica skin!!! I tried that stuff and yes it makes your skin nice but it does not clear your skin and what a surprise when you find they start charging your credit card monthly. That stuff is so expensive and you can get the same generic stuff at Walmart
  9. I'm 27 and on my 7th day of Claravis (generic of accutane) no significant side effects yet. I am on 20mg twice a day.