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  1. So my accutane treatment ended today?? I started May 20 2010 and today is Oct 20 2010. Can anyone help me calculate if I had my cumulative dose? I started the first week on 20 mg, and thereafter 40 mg a day. I weight about 115 pds.
  2. So my accutane treatment ended today?? I started May 20 2010 and today is Oct 20 2010. Can anyone help me calculate if I had my cumulative dose? I started the first week on 20 mg, and thereafter 40 mg a day.
  3. The first week I was put on 20 mg a day, for my body to get adjusted to the med. Thereafter, Ive been on 40 mg a day. I am about 5 months into my treatment. My derm suggested that my dosages be kinda low, due to my cholesterol level. However, I am seeing pretty good results. I have absolutely no more oil on my face, I've haven't had a breakout in months. I really don't have any side effects at all, just the minor dry lips. I would prefer to take it nice and slow on the dosage, because I've read
  4. Hey guys, Ive been told that my cholesterol was kind of high when I first took accutane. When I went to see my derm for the 2nd month he said my cholesterol was still high. Besides eating healthy, is there a med I can use to lower my cholesterol and is safe with accutane?
  5. Anyone knows anyone who has eating disorders such as Bulimia while on accutane, and what are the risks associated with it.
  6. This is my 15th day...However, for the first 11 days I was on 20 Mg, now I am at 40 mg. I didn't grew a single zit or nodule till day 12
  7. Hey guys I was prescribe 20 mg for the first 10 days, however he said thereafter I will need to take 40 mg. I have a 20 mg tablet....so do I have one in the morning and one at night? Or is it safe to take both the pills at one time???? I would call my derm, but its soo hard to get a hold of him.
  8. Hey..I feel your pain. I am 25 also, Ive always had mild acne, but I broke out really bad couple months ago, this time full of nodules (which I HATE). Went to the derm for the first time and he put me on Doxy and Retin A....My intial breakout wasnt that bad, maybe 2 nodules. But um, it was Ok..I went back for my one month check up, and mentioned that I was going to attend my husbands OCS formal. He switched me to Minocycline and said this might be better. Now Iam absolutely clear, well I haven't
  9. ok first off, my acne was never bad to start off with, moderate: but 2 months ago i had a really bad breakout. I went to the derm. he gave me Doxy 100 mg 1 per day and Retin A (.025%). It has been a month since I first started my new regimen. I didnt have a bad initial breakout, but I did grew 4 nodules on my right cheek, that is about it. I went to the derm yesterday for my follow up and mention that I was going to my husband OCS graduation in 3 weeks. So, he changed from Doxy to Minocycline. H
  10. Hey guys, just wanna let you guys know a lil' about my situation. I was prescribe 100 mg Doxy( a day) and retin A creme (0.025%), I started this on Feb 16. My acne was never "severe," however, a couple months ago I had a really bad breakout. Anyways, my suggestion and miracle saver is Mederma, believe it or not. When I started my regimen I had more redmarks than active acne, so I would jus dab mederma on the spots and in the morning I would just peel that, along with my skin off. It would gradua
  11. Hello guys, Ive had moderate acne ever since i was 14, now Iam 25. About 2 months ago I broke out like crazy out of no where, went to the dermatologist and now iam on 100 mg of Doxycycline and retin A. I was expecting a purged period with crazy amounts of pimples with dry skin. However, it has been a week and no new pimples at all, and my skin isnt even dry. Does this mean that it is not working? I plan on continuing to use this till my next appt. in 3 weeks. My face right now has more redmarks
  12. hello! What do you all think bout a chemical peel/dermabrasion for moderate acne scars??...Have any of you had it done? and if so.....how is the results??? is it worth it??
  13. Hello! I am planning to go to the dermatologist soon, hopefully he/she will put me on Accutane. I was wondering what the process was?...Like how soon after the intial appt will I be able to be on it, and the general info for a newbi. Thanks!