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  1. the old layout was comforting, it was like something where you could feel safe... i like this one since it "matches" but it seems too bright and scares me and gets me anxious
  2. so i have been wondering for a while and i havent come to a conclusion yet about the matter of CRYING. What is the biological purpose of it? just a question that needs to be answered!
  3. haha yeah dont worry aout it too much, but like probalby since a pool has chlorine then it will dry u faster and what not ... moisturize more!
  4. haha, imagine eatinga big mac and the patty coming out of ur pores!
  5. we all need workout! haha try doing what u do and ur skin will be POOF clear
  6. i hate it when parents do that, and the ones that have it just seem to want to block the memory of having it or what not.. like my dad... o well, hes still a great guy
  7. would a zinc sun lotion be an antioxidant?
  8. well try to do it as much as possible so that u wont be getting breakouts but i mean a week is ok just as long as u moisturize to have a happy skin i think pimples come out 2 weeks after so a week of limited cntrol would be fine...
  9. at the beginning of my regimen i had this intesne burning on my lips but like what i did was just get a pack of ice and put a towel surrounding it and place it on my face until it subsided..
  10. one year and its working but occasional breakouts happen but not as big as before... i now have th confidence of walkin around with a one or two pimples since its way worse than before... i just hope to not have acne ever again