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  1. I was so happy with the results of accuntane.. I took 40 mg/day for 4 months and my face was completely clear. My acne was pretty mild before taking it, but it still made me feel miserable, and now, 2 months off of 'tane and it's coming back. Like I had before 'tane, I'm getting little bumps on my forehead (if you run your fingers along my forehead it just feels bumpy, but they aren't normal 'zits'), and I'm also getting red and irritated on either side of my nose, just like before. I went t
  2. Your skin has improved so much! I'm on day 20 and have also seen improvement already, and I didn't really have an IB, either. It seems like from your build, you could probably go up to 40 mg at the least, maybe you should ask your doctor. Good luck!
  3. Day 19 Well, my face isn't really peeling as much as I have these white things that seem to pop out of my pores ... I guess my skin is purging or something. It's only on my nose area and it's not very noticeable, so it doesn't bother me that much. But it's kind of gross. Also, the inside of my nostrils hurts SO much, it's so dry in there and I'm getting little sores in one nostril. I'm always paranoid about nose bleeds, though I've only had one since going on accutane and it was 2 weeks ago.
  4. Day 15 Nothing much to report except I never really had a problem with blackheads being apparent, but now it seems like they've all come to the surface on my nose ... it doesn't look awful, but if you really focus on my nose it looks like little grainy spots all over it. Is this normal?
  5. Thanks for the encouragement, guys! DAY 13 I meant to write in here more frequently, but I got back to college last week, had to move into my new apartment, etc. Anyway, so far I'm pleased with accutane. My lips have indeed been annoyingly dry, as have my scalp and eyes. My face is also peeling a tiny bit too, which I'm sure will get worse as time goes on. On the upside, I haven't had any 'initial breakout' (although I suppose I could still have one) and my face actually looks clearer. My f
  6. DAY 1 So today is the big day. I'm posting a picture of myself below, so you can get an idea of how bad my skin is. I guess you would classify it as mild to moderate acne, I really don't know. If you can't tell from the picture, my acne is only on my t-zone -- chin, nose, forehead, and area between my nose and my cheeks (below my eyes). My forehead is really bumpy and is mostly just tiny little bumps that never go away. The only place I get actual whiteheads or big pimples is my chin area. Th
  7. I have mild acne on my t-zone only. i have tried antibiotics, proactiv, and topic creams, and my derm just prescribed roaccutane for me (i live in mexico). she prescribed 20 mg twice a day. is that a normal dose??? i'm really freaking out based on some of the stuff i've seen on this accutane forum. i'm prepared for the dry lips/skin, and will take all the necessary steps to make it as liveable as possible. someone also mentioned possible dryness in nether regions, which sucks for multiple reas