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  1. Interesting stuff. When I read the book "The Clear Skin Diet," the author recommended foods high in lycopene, explained why (i think just basic antioxidant stuff, etc) but claimed that in his youth, drinking a can of tomato juice a day significantly reduced his acne. On a side note... is tryptophan still a factor in your equation? If so, why not just supplement it for the sake of easy and consistency? I have tried a lot of your theory so far, with mixed results. I'm wondering if perhaps the tr
  2. Any new updates/results from your lycopene/other experiments?
  3. I just want to encourage those that are trying this, including the original poster, to keep coming back to report the details of your experience. I think now that the bickering has died down we can really find out if this is a cure for many or just a fluke deal. Thanks
  4. -TheStrongWillPrevail Has this diet cleared you drastically, or is it just an improvement? Can you eat no fruits at all? What about fructose as an ingredient? (in almost everything, bread for instance.)
  5. I definitely plan to try this eventually, even just to see how such a diet makes me feel. I can't do it yet tho, as I am currently on another diet for non-acne reasons. Hopefully some other people will give it a shot and report back. I can definitely think of worse things to do for "acne cures".
  6. Thanks for sharing, interesting stuff. I'm happy for you and your son. Question - how long did it take to notice that it was helping i.e. noticeable visual improvement?
  7. Thanks for the info, I plan to test this soon. Another q - what about stuff that has soy as a "small ingredient" like say the bread label has soy lecithin or whatever somewhere in the ingredient list. Problem or no?
  8. Dotty - do you have any guaranteed safe staple foods, to make the strict first week easier? How about things like oatmeal, sliced bread, etc. Also, what about snacks - saltine crackers, tortilla chips and salsa, wheat thins, doritos, oreo cookies, anything of that nature that would satisfy hunger/cravings during the initial trial period? Basically I'm looking for processed, easy, ready foods that I know are safe according to your experience. One last thing, does serving size matter? Like c
  9. 1. Does this keep you crystal clear, or do you still have some skin "problems"? 2. Have you tried fruit with seeds? Like seeded grapes for instance (not seedless).
  10. Any updates to this? Don't mean to rush you, I know this stuff takes time.
  11. quiktech and others for who niacin has been working: can you please specify the brand, type of niacin (flush/no flush), dosage, and timing (with/without meal) that you are taking, for how long, and how is it working?
  12. Good luck! I believe in this 100%, don't listen to the haters.
  13. Please keep us updated on how this works for you.