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  1. I can't find any real reviews on this. And not knowing what's in the pill, it's just scary to even try it.
  2. i use it, it's good but sometimes not moisturizing enough if you have really dry skin.
  3. if you choose to stop using BP, just be prepare to get bad breakouts. Worse than before you started. ya dude I was the exact same way, except I decided to stop with the BP.. Why? Think about what your doing, your putting a peroxide on your face. I don't know about you guys but I like to party in the sun all day long and who gives a fuck if you have a few pimples.. its much better than having skin cancer when your 40. Stop doing this dumb fucking routine, this website is really helpfull but in
  4. neutrogena doesn't absorb as well as dan's, it lays on skin surface like a mask. also spot treatment isn't really effective in my experience. try adding jojoba oil if your skin gets too dry
  5. ok just checking because neutrogena really dries quickly. 2nd question, i'm using Oxy10 wash instead of a regular cleanser because i'm afraid my breakout will be a lot worse. Before trying this regimen, I stopped using Oxy10 for a while and went back to Purpose cleanser but things got really bad. But using both Oxy10 and BP 2.5% all over dries out my face and lips a lot even with moisturizer. I'm thinking to stick with the BP wash and just apply more moisturizer. What does everyone think?
  6. I'm just starting with the regimen and watched Dan's video on using neutrogena on the spot treatment. I'm just wondering how he's able to "glide" this product on his face for so long? When i put it on my face, that stuff absorbs within 30-45 seconds and hardened. I realize that he uses a bit more than i do while I use about half of my index finger amount. Could it be because my face absorbs faster and I have drier skin?
  7. I'm just wondering since cysts are skin infection deep under the surface, what is the whole point of using cleanser and medication on the skin surface to treat them? Wouldn't that make them ineffective since these products only kill bacteria on the outside? I'm just suddenly questioning this because both BP and TTO don't seem to do anything to my cysts.
  8. is anyone still using this with success? i mean anyone used it for more than 1 or 2 weeks
  9. i've used neutrogena on the spot before, and it wasn't as effective.
  10. Just a brief bg on myself, i'm 31 and have had mild/moderate acne since I was very young. Usually i get one or two new spots on my chin or on the side of my cheeks every week. So i came here and like many of you tried a bunch of different products. There are a few i want to recommend because they did make a difference on me. My acne did get worse around the 2nd and 3rd week but slowly getting better. Right now my face is pretty much all clear except for some marks from before. And by no means i'
  11. Oxy 10% bp wash is pretty strong. I get itchy and dry skin after using it, still a little dry after using a moisturizer.
  12. why would you want to rinse it off? you need to leave it on to be effective. i wouldn't recommend using it with SA or BP
  13. you'll never find a straight answer, everyone's skin reacts differently to each product unfortunately. i just started using Lac-hydrin five and it seems to do well. Some of the major name brands have way too many different products for the same purpose, so it's pretty confusing to just pick one. That was the reason i picked out lac-hydrin
  14. I use Purpose liquid soap to wash my face usually once, maybe twice a day. But I still get these white looking grease coming out of the pores if i squeeze on my nose skin. What else do I need to get rid of them?