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  1. I've heard that Aquaphor ointment (made by Eucerin) is a life saver, and I believe it comes in a travel size that would be slightly larger than a tube of chapstick.
  2. Sorry, but Ms. Fakey McFakerton (aka Tyra) grates on my last nerve. Can't stand her.
  3. The granuals in the apricot scrub are not uniform in size and/or texture, which results in skin irritation and sensitivity. IMHO, you are better off using a gentle toner that removes dead skin cells gradually and consistently rather than a harsh scrub that will only make your skin more irritated.
  4. Hmmmm. Interesting theory. I'm going to make a point of checking back on your log frequently.
  5. Very nice! I viewed your blog at the beginning of your treatment and your results really are quite amazing. Congratulations!
  6. My head is spinning trying to get a grasp on all the techniques you use
  7. I SO needed to read this today. I currently have 2 large spots on my face that started as tiny little pimples. They would be gone by now had I not picked them.
  8. Go Dan! I remember when acne.org was a very simple site that simply showed The Regimen steps. No product and pretty crude. It's amazing to see how far things have come. Awesome work!!
  9. Tube for sure. Much more convenient.
  10. I don't get it either. Do you not order any other products from the internet? I also want to give Dan kuddos for taking his member's wishes into consideration. Most other internet sites would have either ignored the request or told their members to pound sand!
  11. Just wanted to pipe in with my experience. I had good luck on BP when I was a young teenager, but when I tried to use it in my late teens my experience was not the same. My skin had become more sensitive and I actually got a chemical burn on the portions of my face that came into contact with the BP. I got angry little bumps, severe redness and then dry patches after a couple days. I'm posting all of this to just say be careful with topicals if you've already experienced skin sensitivity while u
  12. Why is this in the adult forum? Probably because the adult forum is for people ages 21 and over. That's just a guess though
  13. Don't waste your money. I was sorely dissappointed.