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  1. Its been a while since I updated this log. Its definitely time, but before I do, I must say: SPRINGBOKS FOREVER.......Well done the the men in green-and-gold that brought that beautiful William Web Ellis trophy to its rightful resting place in the Springbok rugby cabinet!!! On to the log: MONTH 2-AND-A-HALF In the month since I last posted my face has gotten worse - A lot worse in fact. Another breakout has come on that rivals my IB. There is scarring, redness and blemishes everywhere altho
  2. Tonight at 21.00 (South African Standard Time): Rugby World Cup Semi-Final 2 South Africa VS Argentina SPRINGBOKS FOR THE WIN.....................
  3. Started my course on Sept 11. My IB started around week 2 and continued well into week 3. It has slowed down the past three days though. I can honestly say that my IB is hands-down the worst breakout of acne I have ever had!! The breakout is concentrated along my jawline and just south of my central cheek area. Brought about a lot of redness and sensitivity! All this has made shaving a real mission for me.... I can't wait for it to start clearing up! ----------------------------- CyberStorm'
  4. Boy, its been a rough first month. At the start of week 2, my IB started. My face was a little redder and flaky but I was feeling good. At the start of week 3, things took a turn for the worst! My face became very itchy and I constantly needed to apply moisturizer. Worse still, the IB worsened along my jaw line, lower part of my cheeks and around my lips and chin area!! Facial redness has gone done a bit! I also noted that the 'burn' my face felt was now gone. Week 4 started were week three le
  5. DAY 10 My skin is very dry! At work today, it was very flaky. My face looked like it had dandruff on it. Not a pretty sight! Shaved my beard off. Skin feels hotter than usual. Very sensitive and a little bit red. Applied Nivea for Men Extra Soothing Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin. Will see how it goes from here!
  6. I feel your pain bro! I've been there, done that, bought a whole stack of t-shirts. My journey is far from complete however! Recently started on a course of Oratane. Doc put me on it for 6-and-a-half months. On day 10 at the moment! If you can't take the acne anymore, perhaps see a doc and get yourself on some meds?
  7. AUS are looking slightly better than average. They are over-rated if you ask me especially when you consider they are ranked no. 2 in the world. The AUS cricket team did lose however in yesterdays Twenty20 World Cup in their Super 6 match against Pakistan DAY 4 Inside walls of the nose has started to become dry. Have also noticed a mini outbreak of pimples. Also, skin a little dry. DAY 5 Nose is still dry, muscle aches when I wake up are no more. Outbreak has worsened though. Noticed that
  8. ^ Yeah, hope this treatment gives my acne a right royal arse whipping!
  9. On to business: I was told to take 1x20mg capsule two times a day with meals. I use EverySun AQUASPORT SUNSCREEN SPF 40+ (Recognised by the Cancer Association of South Africa). This offers a very high protection factor from both UVA/UVB. DAY 1 Took 1 after breakfast and another after an early supper. Noticed no side-effects DAY 2 Woke up with a few aches (which is unusual) Was it because of the Oratane?? Took my capsules. Noticed the first signs of dry lips later on in the day. I always
  10. Hello to everyone... I'm 22. Male. Live in South Africa. Have had acne since high-school. Always thought it would start to go away around 18 or 19. Like so many, I was wrong! After bitching and moaning about acne and the subsequent marks they left behind and many many months of procrastinating I finally dragged my arse to go see a doctor! He prescribed Oratane for 6.5 months. I got my first month's supply from the pharmacy on the 11th Sept. This is my log....... CyberStorm's Oratane Log Visi