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  1. True the ones I have are 15 watt and 18". I have 4 of them side by side, but sometimes only use 2. Didn't seem to matter to my acne. I believe most of the light around actintics are peaked at 420nm. I don't get any sun tan from them, but I do get slightly irritated if I use it too long (longer than 10-20 mins) K
  2. 10-15 mins everyday. just depends on how long I want to sit there ol
  3. I'm about 5.5 weeks in. I am so happy. I don't have any new acne. I still have some blackheads but I am hoping like Wolfy said these will eventually come out too. My oil has diminished completely. This is AMAZING and works very similar to BP without the red irritated skin that I would get. The only time my skin looked this good is when I was pregnant. I love to look in the mirror in the morning and see how much my skin has improved. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to these threads! I wi
  4. Red/Blue lights are working very well for me. I am into my 5 weeks. Just be sure to do it EVERYDAY and hopefully it will work wonders for you too.
  5. I've been using Blue/Red lights for 3 weeks. So far so great!! I have known about actintic flourescent lights for a long time because I was fish keeper. I have 4 of them. I buy them at a local fish shop. I put them in light fixtures I bought at Walmart. These are 15 watt lights. They cost $20 a piece locally. I had a lot harder time finding Red Lights locally. I finally found a handheld LED unit at Rite Aid. Its from Pretika and has 24 66onm LEDs. I know it's not alot of LEDs but it was only $
  6. Sweetjade, I really appreciate your post and all the time you spent to share the information you had. I've had acne since I was about 12 and I am now 30. I fully believe my acne has something to do with hormones, because when I was pregnant with my youngest my skin was the best it has every been. It glowed and was completely acne free. I desperately want clear skin like I had when I was pregnant. (I do not want to get pregnant again though) LOL. But I don't know where to start. I don't know i
  7. Tea Tree Oil diluted with Jojoba Oil works nicely....but I don't often use it...I hate the smell!
  8. I have been using Nature's Cure (the pills only)for 5 days now. And while I know this isn't a true test of a product, I am amazed because it looks like this product might actually work. My skin feels dryer, like it does when I'm on B5. My lips feel dryer and I've had no big new breakouts. Normally I can tell if things are starting to work by the 4th or 5th days because that's when a new acne seems to head. B5 does work for my in this time frame but I hate taking all the pills so I quit a while
  9. I could be totally wrong here, but I've heard "peel off masks" are not good for your skin because they can cause little tears in the skin and stretch the skin. Don't know, but sounds plausible to me. Maybe check into it. K
  10. I know in the US in my smaller town the only place I could find it was a place called Rite-Aid. K
  11. Lovely: I just wanted to thank you for the tip on Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment. It's the only SA that hasn't made my face feel oily......I hate that...... I love that it's a gel. Thanks K
  12. I have been using hibiclens for 4 days now. WITH NO OTHER TOPICALS. To see if it does really work. And so far IT DOES. I've had NOT breakout since starting it....I wash my face once at night and wear makeup during the day. That's it.... So far so good. Say what you may, say it's not healthy, say it's harsh. But don't say it doesn't work, unless you've tried it!!!! Four days with out a red face, without a single breakout and with my old breakouts practically gone, it's working for me. Als
  13. I've been on Pantethine for 2 wks now. I'm doing very well. I had the flu and was laid up for two days (I normally totally breakout when I'm sick) and my skin looks great. I'll get one little breakout every once in awhile, but they are really small unoticeable ones. My oil is still under control. I also heard that you can take both Pantethine and Panteothenic Acid so I'm going to start taking 1gram per day (In hopes that it totally clears my face of even the tiny ones.) I'm so happy so far t
  14. Hi Malia, I switched from 5 grams of b-5 to Pantethine one week ago today. I can't tell the difference, only less pills to take. I was taking 10 pills and now I'm only taking 3 small soft gels Pantethine. I'm using the NOW brand of Pantethine. It cost 22.49 (usd) at my local healthfood store. No new breakouts!! I know it's working because I've got to use Carmex on my lips and have a little bit dryer hands. I'm still not completely oil free on my face, but I can tell it's much less and my
  15. Pantethine....I'm only taking 900 mgs (3 300mg) It's funny because I was waiting to post earlier about how the Pantethine was working, until it had passed the pre-period test....And it's come through with flying colors. Seriously, it's only been a week or so from my switch from b-5 to Pantethine. But I know I would be breaking out by now!! In conjunction with dan's bp gel I look great!! NO new spots K