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  1. now i realised the breakout has cause numerous scarring.. anyone got any advice?
  2. Is there any different type of vinegar? Is it those tats used for cooking?
  3. Well.. i got both the aloe vera gel n active C already.. haha hope it works for me too! Do u use both at e same time morning n at night?
  4. i'm not sure wat its caused by.. but last time when i have acne or small breakout its wasnt so red when the acne subsided.. so i guessed its caused by accutane.. now the spot is still red after the acne subsided.. n it juz wont go off. aloe vera gel? any particular product or juz any?
  5. huh?? im blur... wats e difference between redness and hyperpigmentation? my redness is caused my taking the accutane. so wat is it consider as?
  6. madeline its a facial moisturizer.. how does it helps on redness? Could tis be more suitable? http://www.laroche-posay.us/_us/_en/Consum...mp;Priority=Cat Anyway vitaminz.. gd luck ya.. gotta be really patient.. hows ur condition?
  7. thnkz madeline.. so how should i tell the person over the counter? Vitamin.. im on 20gm now.. but not daily.. cos i hope the redness can disappear quicker! what abt u?
  8. hey thanks all~ its been quite a while since i last login.. hmm im not sure where is la roche posay counter.. can u advise? Ya im taking roaccutane.. it costs me $214/box. Any cheaper price? Well, my acne really subsided.. but its the redness tats bothering me now!!! both side of my face is so red.. red until even i blush oso cant notice HAHA. sigh~~ i still clueless wat to get to help on it n how long it'll take to be gone.
  9. hey thanks.. where can i get those stuffs? How long does it take to clear the red patch?
  10. After those acne has settled down.. it leave down red patches.. anyone got any idea on how to get rid of it?
  11. Now im abt 1 mth into accutane.. some of the big bumps have subsided.. but the redness n patches looks made it looks like haven subsided, some bumps still there.. still getting some flare up.
  12. hmm i got antibiotics from other doc.. so how long did it took to get past the phase? yea its so embarrassing.. especially wth redness patches too.. and swollen.. looks 3D :(
  13. well its still quite bad.. actually once a while i do get acne popping out but not as serious as tis time.. so i din really bother tat much.. but tis breakout really breaks me hard.. it all came quite sudden for tis breakout.. din really know wat happen oso.. everything was normal for me.. dun think i got any allergy to seafood..
  14. Hi... surprise to c fellow countryman here.. :) nowonder im having red patch all over my face.. the parts where acne brokeout.. even they subsided abit still quite red.. got an impression that its still quite bad kinda feeling, i would feel it'll look alot better if w/o red patch.. n keep having pus oso.. n bleed whenever i bathe n wash my face.. so troublesome like treating wounds... well acnotin is another brand of isotritinoin.. the pill is same as roaccutane.. cheaper brand tat is.. but the