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    Everything. I love music in general, getting tattoos, and going to concerts.<br /><br />Catching a good movie is also pretty rad
  1. It all depends. Sometimes it clears gradually over the course of your time on the meds. But sometimes it takes up to the 5th month and THEN it starts clearing. As hard as it sounds you just need to be patient and have faith ok? good luck
  2. any one get itches all over their body while on accutane? I'm getting some
  3. Kind of off topic, but I've been debating and I've decided to "take one for the boys" and try not shaving for a month to see what happens. I'll let you know. As for shaving with a moisturizer, I use my cleanser, then apply moisturizer.
  4. sweet man! which of them do you like? i could go on and on but there is not enough space heh.

  5. Haven't been on in a while, music keeping me busy ARG.

    I like your new pictures, your skin is still looking really clear.

  6. HEY! we have a lot of the same taste in music according to your interests section.

    Cool stuff!

  7. I hate my rear view mirror in my car, YUCK! It's not always the different kinds of mirrors, though. With me its the LIGHTING different kinds of lighting makes me skin look great, or terrible.
  8. I have mild to moderate too but my doc wont prescribe it, anyway you could tell me how you got him/her to give it to you?
  9. Dont sweat it, once you get used to the tea tree oil, it'll get much less irritating on the skin.

    maybe put it on once every 3 nights to spot treat starting out.

    It may sound insane, but when I started working out again I never had dryness anymore too, so take that into consideration

  10. Um, it keeps coming back, and while its doing so it's worsening, so it's going too hot as of now.

    And I was out last night and drinking when I knew I shouldn't have been.

  11. Haha aww thanks! ;D Yeah, it was only 5 bucks too. :P

    How are you doinggg?

    And how's your acne clearing up, dear? :]