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  1. I tried this stuff like last month, I broke out like crazy from it. My skin is honestly at its worst right now.
  2. Remember that one day when you are clear, there will be good that comes out of acne... you will be a much more confident, happy, optimistic person, and when you are having bad days you can always look back at the times when you had bad skin and be thankful and learn not to take anything for granted. I am still waiting for that day when I have clear skin, my face is HORRIBLE right now but I know I will be a much more outgoing and happy person.
  3. I've gotten SO many. I don't think it's because my skin is that bad, but I guess it was just a surprise to people cause my skin was normally clear. "How'd you get such skin problems?" "Are you allergic to the sun?" "You must be stressing a lot. You are very broken out" *little girl* "Wait, what's that on your face?" *other girl* "OMG, you're soo mean!! They're pimples" "You shouldn't eat ice cream and you should wash your face more" *my friend when I first started using foundation laughs* "It's
  4. BP is the worst thing you could put on your skin. have you noticed that older people (30, 40 years old) are the ones still breaking out because they've become so dependent on bp. it kills your skin.
  5. I'm not sure if skin can be permanently damaged (from acne products, chemicals, etc.) but I sure hope mine can get healthy again I feel so bad for my poor skin everyday, its like I've tortured it ever since it's given me a few zits here and there as a sign to tell me something's wrong with my internal/liver:(
  6. Start using acne products when I was young and didn't know any better. My skin has gone downhill since
  7. It's genetics. No matter how healthy you are, if your parent(s) had it chances are you will too. ALSO all the chemicals in topical products distruct the nature of your skin, therefore your skin cannot heal itself (I don't know what topicals you use though) It could also be the weather/climate, blood heat (my acne clinic person told me this) actually the list goes on...
  8. what brand apple cider vinegar do you use? is Heinz ok? did you spray it on? how much did you spray it on and how long did you leave it on for?
  9. I am exactly the same as you. A few summers ago (when I had good skin) I always got compliments on how pretty or hot I was, and I haven't seen them since. But they still think I am because they haven't seen me in person, I know if they do they will won't think that anymore. Well since my skin has gotten worse I don't get compliments anymore... only from old friends that I haven't seen in a very long time. I can never go out in the public without my makeup (which doesn't help much with my acne an
  10. I started getting very little acne (almost unnoticeable) in sophomore year but it bugged me so much that I started wearing foundation to cover up my blemishes...then my friend commented to me that "it's so obvious I have pimples even though I'm wearing makeup" and from then on I started using all kinds of skin-killing products and makeup in desperate need to clear my face...junior year I wore foundation every day as my skin got worse and worse leading to MORE foundation, a vicious cycle I was in
  11. Here is a little background info of me....I have very sensitive skin, a bunch of annoying bumps all over my face, clogged pores, red marks, pustules etc etc........basically I have horrible skin. I have heard great things about aqua glycolic but am soo scared it will make my skin even worse! is it safe for sensitive skin?? Please help..
  12. I can't see the pic but you should take her to an experienced aesthetician (sp?) who specializes in acne. an acne clinic. the products on the market today destroy the natural ways of the skin etc..
  13. I think I have finally realized that I have super sensitive skin. I am sitting here slathered in BP and I don't feel good at all Is there any way I can stop all acne medications and still clear up? I want to use the least amount of products possible and also GENTLE products. Until I start going to my acne clinic in 3 weeks of course...
  14. I am looking for a cocoa butter moisturizer. Suggestions??