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  1. Where do you live? I know here in Ohio with my derm a visit is like $75 wthout insurance
  2. Hey, Thanks for the reply! It's been going on for about 2-3 weeks. It was never really a pain just more of an annoyance. Like after eating my stomach would make loud sounds that embarassed the hell out of me at times. Like sitting in class and having it do that or whatever. I actually talked to my doctor about it last week, and he says I may have a mild case of irritable bowel syndrome that would probably go away after stopping, but that's not something I want to hear I might have even if tempo
  3. Hey Vince what's up dude?! Long time no see...I left the board for quite some time. I just ended my course as well this past few days. How long were you on it then and how'd it go? What I plan on doing is to continue to wash daily with cetaphil. And since I'm paranoid lol, I'm going to try to remember to drink plenty of water, try not to touch my face, and remember to wash my sheets regularly because I'm lazy. But yeah thats a good question of what are the best things to do for the most succes
  4. Yeah definatly cheer up!! Honestly with my course I got horribly worse the first month and from then on I'd still get some blemishes. I didn't actually get really clear from blemishes until about the 3rd or 4th month and even then I'd still get a few small ones plus I had the redmarks and dryness to boot. Accutane is obviously working for you because it is pushing everything to the surface! I know it's hard and the waiting sucks, but just give it a little more time to work and you'll be clea
  5. It shouldn't be any major problem. Accutane does stay in your system for a while after stopping as someone else said. Infact I missed 3-4 days when I had surgery over my course and it was fine.
  6. Heres a way that I was able to stop nosebleeds while on Accutane...At night right before going to bed I'd put a little aquaphor on the tip of my finger and rub it in just inside my nose. This is where the membranes in your nose are. I'd honestly try doing this a few nights and see what your results are if you can't get to the derm right away. Because this always worked for me and the next morning I always felt the difference.
  7. Well it's not my whole face thats red, mainly just my cheek area. I don't look like a tomato or anything lol. I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but to the best of my describing abilities the redness kinda looks like what you get after you've been in cold weather for a little while only not as drastic. Basically to put it, the redness is evident, but not abnormal looking or anything that bad.
  8. Definatly don't pick them. I'd honestly say it's best just to let the medication run its course unlss your prescribed Prednisone, or however its spelled.
  9. I had an appendectomy recently while on Accutane and I only stopped taking it for about 3 days because I was at the hospital and didn't have it with me. The doctors didn't seem to have a problem with me starting it up again. After 3.5 months though I can still see the scars. I'm sure by now they should be pretty gone. I mean its nothing major, but you can definatly see the incisions.
  10. Well I've been on Accutane since July and I've decided to stop treatment yesterday due to some side effects I've been having from it. But I figured I've been on it well past the recommended length of 15-20 weeks so if it was gonna work, I've given it enough time. My results thus far are I'd say 99.5% clear. I may get one little blemish every few days, but nothing most normal people wouldn't get. My oil is also gone which is great because it was a big problem before. I'm sure once my redness goe
  11. Not trying to scare you at all because not everyone gets one. I however did get an initial breakout within the first week which lasted about a month to a month and a half.
  12. Other than my first month which was 40mg, I've been on 80mg my entire course thus far for about 4 months and I only weigh 120lbs. I would say that it sounds like for an initial dosage that 80mg is too much. I'd say that should be lower in order to avoid an initial breakout (if you'll even get one) just in case.