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  1. Thanks for your advice North...but I just cant take that one step of stepping out. I've spend too much time in a shell already. Its like I am stuck. I wish I had someone, a true friend to back me up and support me but I dont. I dont have anyone.
  2. Hello, Here's the deal. I need some help, some re assurance. I am male, 21, on the regimen (Cetaplil cleanser and Neutrogena Moisturizer). Because my confidence is really low now. Here's why: Been suffering with acne for 5 years and recently took a year off after my graduation. I've been getting Chemical peels to control my acne and IPL for my marks.(My acne is not bad enough for accutane or so said the Dr.) The course is gonna end soon. THe results? Well, I still have some breakouts, som
  3. I made a generalisation that Clear Skin People may actually help us...let us all go ask our friends and family who has good skin / no acne...and lets see what they say. Would they say they only used soap and water? Would they suggest otherwise? I think they prolly hold the key as to why WE have ACNE and they dont. And if u are a person who is reading this and have clear skin, why dont u post some comments and advice on how u did it. Tell us, what did we do wrong?? I think u can help us....This
  4. I agree....why cant this bums or beggars I see on the streets have acne instead of 'us'. Same goes with their hair most of the time...some ppl shampoo their hair but their hair is reciding or going bald but these old bums still have hair, lots of them....me thinks its so unfair....oh well, at least I can say that I have a roof on top of me and some nice clothes and good food to eat, once I count my blessings, which isnt very much.
  5. I am exactly in the same boat as you JAN Carlo and the rest who feels the same, I have bad scars and redmarks mostly centered on my cheeks and I hate it. It definitely ruined my life, I cant go anywhere and i cant do anything. I cant get a job because I am afraid I will get more breakouts and I cant stand ppl thinking I look bad. It sucks!!! Jan Carlo and to the guys who are like him, I hope I can have a chat with you someday...because I need a friend and some support and encouragement. BTW rea
  6. Hi, May I know what other brands of pure aloe vera gel that you can recommend to me?? I cant find that Fruits of the Earth here, can u tell me any generic brands or whatever thats as good as the ones u are using, please reply and thanks for being so kind.
  7. VERTIGO...u still HAVE scars and red marks, how do u live day by day, going out, getting on with your life....without any concealers...just that?? I have some scars and loads of red marks and I am so scared to go out and do anything cos I am embarassed by it.... btw, congrats of the improvement, I was shocked!!!
  8. I wish I hadnt used SERIOUS SKIN CARE!!! My life would be so different now if I hadnt!!
  9. Yea right....I am on the regimen for 2 months now and I still get some breakouts....I have loads of marks and some scars....I dont think I am all clear yet. How long does it take?? I am running out of patience.
  10. OMG I feel the exact same way as you. Sigh....I hope things will eventually get better for all of us. Peace bro!
  11. I feel really down again when writing this. I must be having some kind of PMS, like gurls do. Its just that I cant stand and cant accept the fact that I cant be my true self anymore. All I want is just to be me, not one that is always self concious and lacks in confidence and self esteem. Why do I feel this way?? Well firstly, about my face, my acne is more or less under control with one or 2 breakouts every now and then. That is fine, I could take it, I can handle that but the thing I cant h
  12. Wow congratulations....I hope I can have the same good news as you soon. Now dont waste a minute of your life now ok. Sigh....I wish I am you now.
  13. My teeth, cos I dont have a nice smile..... my mind, cos I have an inability to change.... and my dick n' ballz...wish it was bigger, not that its small now...lol just kidding, sorry.