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  1. well after 3 years dealing with DISGUSTING cysts i think they are finally "gone' (but knowing my shitty luck ill probably get one tomorrow ) i now only get small red pimple/minicyst?( and what i call small an average person would cry over) anyway im somewhat over my face, im pretty much like, fuck it, i just stopped caring and put it out my mind but now my attention is directed to my red scars, pits and raised bumps. i could have a great day and come home and see my face in a mirror with outside
  2. whenever i drain a cysts they always fill back up within a few hours, it sucks
  3. wow that neosporin in the nose sounds promising, ill definitely try it, my derm appointment was okay accutane is 2 expensive so he recommended minocycline and tazarrotene cream, after my cyst cores came out and it was kinda looking n feeling better i didnt ask the my derm to fool with it. last time he was really rough and i didnt want him 2 fuck anything up 4 me by squeeeeezing the shit outta my face like last time.
  4. i usually get big red bumps like that under my cheeks that develope into squishy cysts but never anything on my forehead. but since your forehead has tight skin thats close to the bone, whatever it is probably cant be that deep, right?
  5. well i somehow managed to chill out and 3 days after i posted my frustration, it started leaking,agian, but this time it opened up and not just the usual gunk came out but FINALLY the white cores or whatever they called came out YESSS, okay imagine those airsoft gun BB`s thats how big 1 was. and its still raised and red and squishy but i dunno its not so bad, most people think i got punched under the eye, im like ya lets go with that. o and just my luck, 1 day after i get some relief i get somet
  6. dammit i was really hoping for some help i dont know wat im gonna do, i cant keep waiting for this fucking derm appointment im going fucking nuts im 5 seconds away from cut it open with a razor, i can see a shitload of white chunks floating in here, i cant stand it im not able to eat or go to sleep thinking about it
  7. O and im probably gonna go on accutane cause i am so very sick of this bullshit. once 1 bitches 3 month vacation on my face is over with its nice little reminder of all the fun times, its dick of a friend will pop up and chill for a couple of months. im just really mad
  8. kinda long------okayyy let me describe it,,,,,, RIGHT AT THE SURFACE its over a quater sized, the whole thing is raised and i can see inside it cause the skin is transparent. its also deeeep like a huge fucking pocket that goes millimeters down into my face, i drain it sometimes with a needle, but it just fills back up 2 hours later with the same straw color liquid, no puss. sometimes when take a hot shower it leaks by itself and sometimes i wake up with it leaking. its been here for JUST ABOUT
  9. well im going to be starting accutane and i feel like i have no clue whats true. i know that it is a last resort and im definitely sure i need it, blackheads, cysts, scars, pimples, oily face, peeling, waking up to a leaking face, im fucking sick of it. i heard and witnessed some real great stories, and ive heard of bad stories. i know alot of side effects can happen, but i just wanna hear some stories from people here, i think ill read more bad than good because if you dont have acne anymore,
  10. man thats a pretty deep story, i know what you go through, maybe not exactly but i know. i remembered how i used to look people in the eyes, i haven't done that since 9th grade. im 17 and i have no car because im to embarrassed to get a job, i never got confirmed ( like catholic baptism) because i was to embarrassed to face my old friends and no one knows how much this bothers me. they think im lazy for not getting a job. I WANT TO WORK I NEED A CAR. im starting to not care about more n more thi
  11. im going to be starting accutane and all im worried about is the dried skin. i could give a shit about the "depression' im not gonna wake up one day and decide to kill myself.
  12. oooo ya i forgot, derm says accutane after my 5 months would make acne NEVER come back 50% of the time. is that true ? also im fucking dreading go to his office to get my face numbed so he can do work on my face, anyone had your face numbed before??
  13. today i missed school to go to my looooong awaited derm appointment. so i get there and 7 fucking trainees hafta come in kinda embarrassing, same thing when i got my braces. anyway doc says i should go on accutane, i never really thought i would ever be the person to get on accutane but whatever. SO he looks at my current cyst and says, " hmm i be back and we'll drain that" so im expecting a gentle poke and some pressure, when he comes back with his entourage he pokes my face and SQUEEZES the sh
  14. well after the first night the desitin just made it bigger redder and more squishy. i dont think ill try it again
  15. i just put some desitin on my cyst. the skin is very raw but the desitin is supposed to be gentle and soothing, its for baby`s chapped asses so i guess it will be okay. ill post on how it worked