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  1. Your blood tests were okay after taking all those pills? Im going to derm in a month and Im going to ask for accutane too.. like you ive tried everything including almost all those pills u took..lol
  2. I am defiantly suspicious of the fact that you registered today just to rave about this obscure supplement!! yeah definitely lol if anyone has tried them though please let us know..
  3. 10 cups of coffee? Try to drink caffeine in moderation. Green tea is good for skin I believe.. Drink lots of water, carrots, berries of all kinds, hazel nuts..
  4. LOL Ive masturbated over 1000 times look at me now!! how do you explain that!
  5. um..is anyone going to be actually looking at your butt anytime soon..
  6. it's always been 6.99 here (CVS) where I buy it
  7. i have the same thing dude, it used to be my back now its my chest now..like everyday its gettin worse. and my derm appt. isnt until september..i can only imagine how my chest would look then..
  8. it is a big deal..it comes back in like 2 hrs and its oilier than ever..I wish my derm would prescribe me accutane..but he just gives me these freakin antibiotics that dont even do anything for my oily skin..
  9. i use as many as needed to get all of my face...how about that..lol theres no limit for me..
  10. ok since you are new to AHA i wouldnt suggest you use it everyday or everynight..definitely not twice a day. Id use it every other night after putting on your BP and letting it dry. Use it in place of your moisturizer. then once your skin gets used to it you can use every night. goodluck
  11. many people say AHA neutrogena healthy skin face lotion helps with fading marks..but dont use it until your about 1 month into the regimen.