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  1. I still haven't gone in for another saline treatment. Planning to go in within the next 3 weeks for another saline shot (which I will probably have to beg for I think but I will anyway). It feels a bit better, at least it isn't so much of a crater that I could put my thumbprint in before, and it isn't so deep that it has a folded pressure line in the middle of the skin now. If I turn to the side you can definitely still see it but I can't deny it DOES look better. When I run my fingers over it i
  2. haha! you guys are funny, I've been doing the same thing too. I too am pretty thin so I've been eating lots of avocados and fatty acids... just to make sure I'll have enough
  3. Hi everyone, back for a little bit of updating. So I haven't gone in for any saline injections lately... and I've had 3 done so far but haven't had any done since my last update. I've had a dent on my nose a few years ago which took months and months to fill in and a few superficial ones on my chin that took a few weeks... but nothing, NOTHING like this one on my forehead/between my eyebrows. It was very deep like my face wanted to fold in half or something and I even had someone mention that
  4. Birdybird, I know what you're saying, I can totally see how something like this could throw anyone into a depression. I'm so sorry to hear about the stubborn indent you ended up having. Curious-Have you ended up trying anything like restylane? The injections themselves are a damned-if-u-do and damned-if-u-don't thing. Oooohhh cysts. Do you remember how deep the atrophy from the injection in your forehead was? I'm 24 so maybe maybe I'll grow some forehead/eyebrow back?? haha! I really hope your
  5. So I finally had another chance to schedule another saline injection with my derm today. He says it seems like it's stopped sinking in, and I agree, he'd even argue that it's getting better but I'll hold back from agreeing at this point. He is understanding but really wants to hold back from resorting to Restylane because if my dents decides to fill in naturally I will have a huge hill on my forehead. So we'll give it a few more months (up to 9 we've decided... and it's been 2 so far.) He's conv
  6. Alright, update time. I don't know if anyone reads this but I figure I might as well continue posting what's happening. I didn't have a saline injection last week as my derm was booked full, and I won't go in for another week from tomorrow. Sucks but at least I got 2 shots weekly in so far. The spot is more tender, I can't say it's grown much deeper in size.. thankfully! It still is somewhat ugly and when I frown it's huge!! When I hold the skin taut it disappears so I hope the fat grows back s
  7. mikeryanrebecca, I hear what you're saying and I've felt that way when my acne was super-bad and I even sort of feel like hiding in the daylight to this very day (because of one really bad unavoidable scar I just got which will hopefully disappear in time) even with my own boyfriend! Not only am I worried of rejection, but I don't want anyone to point it out and remind me. Guess you could say I'm sensitive about it. Anyhow, when I think of all the guys/men I've liked in my lifetime.. hardly any
  8. Well I might as well provide updates with these saline shots. The dent is still very large, I even cut bangs so the attention to the mark is diverted.. it just looked so bad on a forehead with long hair framing my face. Yesterday I went in to have another saline injection.. the head derm told the derm working with this dent that it should eventually fill in, however I do know the head derm and know he hasn't seen the atrophy so he can't actually be so sure... he has seen a small one on my nose
  9. Actually, I have taken spironolactone (unfortunately I saw no difference in my skin... when I should have been noticing a difference, things were actually getting worse from what I remember), as well as prednisone (which made me incredibly sick), even minocin (which darkens your teeth).... and I have to say I am pretty frustrated with pharmaceuticals altogether. Seems like when I take something to treat this...something else has to give. I curse pharm companies! But either way, it's good to hear
  10. Ok, certain soy products have things added in them sometimes that aggravate acne, not necessarily soy themselves. Have you ever read what's actually in lots of soy milks and icecreams? yuck. And it is possible that soy does cause acne in a few people.. but personally I am quite happy with the discovery that soy is regulating my hormones and I am able to avoid zillions of cystic acne spots which I would normally get around my time of the month. Soy has it's good and bad points I'm sure, like ma
  11. Well, just wait one sec... it might not be the actual Soy per se that's causing the acne... there are lots of additives and sugars and unneeded preservatives in soy milk/icecream that can aggravate acne too.... such as that stuff called carageen (sp?). I know that has been linked to acne among some people. I find that replacing my organic milk with organic UNSWEETENED soy milk (with added calcium and vitamins) is doing wonders with my hormones/skin. My acne is def. hormone related and since goin
  12. I currently have a somewhat large dent in between my eyebrows where I was injected 2.5 weeks ago. This same area has had problems with probably 3 stubborn cysts in the past few months and I'd say I've had 4 injections in it or so.. which seemed fine until the last one where it immediately started to sink in. I was devestated and it got to the point where makeup wouldn't hide it and it's at my eyeline where people look into your eyes so bangs can't cover it and EVERYONE notices it. I saw this thr