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  1. Hello, a quick update (much apologies for not responding sooner): I haven't had the microskin yet. I had to postpone for undisclosed reasons until sometime next year but I'm really really looking forward to getting this done. As for the dermal grafting, I honestly can't say it'll work for me. Most of my scars are not of the "atrophic" sunken kind, but simply are made up of unsightly hypopigmented macules that pepper the surface of my chest. I do have some pitted scars, but they're simply far to
  2. hello, i recently discussed how i was going to have dermal grafting on my chest scars on this forum, but i have since abandoned the idea as i believe they are probably too shallow to be able to treat properly. i have a mixture of incredibly shallow but very unsightly scars on my chest and a LOT of white atrophic macules that aren't really raised but cover it almost entirely. counting them all ni total there must be over 60 or 70, and i don't believe it's possible to treat one effectively, let al
  3. those are called follicular atrophic macules; don't even bother looking them up on the internet. all you will find on google is a small excerpt of information that seems to have been copied/pasted by nearly every other site. i have no idea how to treat them, just try needling. what's most curious about these lesions is their name is contradictory in itself; how can a macule be atrophic in nature? i've come to believe they're not really the 'hypertrophic' scars in the sense that we know, as in
  4. this is the proper name of the mysterious little white marks on the chest/back/body that look like they are very slightly raised.. THEYRE NOT HYPOPIGMENTATION. does anybody know much about these??? who else has them???
  5. not keloid scars. some of the scars on my chest raise when the skin is squeezed around them, only slightly but it's still visible. what are these scars called?
  6. i'm having dermal grafts on my chest in april. i'm going to be taking photographs after the procedures so i'll keep you posted. i'll make sure to return here round that time.
  7. Whatever you do, don't pop. That's one of the main reasons scars form. I can't stress this enough: do not pop! Tell everyone you know! Don't pop. If the white head is particularly nasty, sterilize a needle in some antiseptic fluid, then gently poke through the white head, then immediately wash the area gently then apply antiseptic to kill the bacteria from the pus. Otherwise don't pop, just apply whatever you use to kill your acne and keep your hands away from there. Popping doesn't prevent scar
  8. they look like red marks but they're actually scars. thank you for replying, so are you sure they're rolling? i have new photos, i would like to ask anybody here if you think these scars are severe or not. do you think needling will hlep?
  9. i've heard from many places that needling is really the most effective method when it comes to acne scars, and thinking about it, it seems correct. needling seems to be the only method taht ctually addresses the reason why the scar is there, the bound down tissue, instead of just blasting off the top layers of skin like the others. what do you guys think about this?
  10. hello, i'm just bumping this hoping somebody will reply.
  11. what kind of scars do i have what is the best way to treat them.. please help me