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  1. Its been three weeks, I can definitely say that this is the best topical acne treatment I have used, across both prescription and over the counter products. This is the clearest my skin has been in years - am actually getting compliments on how healthy and glowy my skin looks! I literally can't stop looking at my skin in the mirror - my pores are smaller, scars and red marks have faded considerably. I was told to keep using as long as I am continuing to see an improvement - so am continuing to a
  2. Well, this is the clearest I've been in a long time! Vitastem ointment has been fading my red marks, and I have no new cysts on the treatment areas! (I did get a new cyst in my back, which was not somewhere I was treating with Vitastem - so there is obviously something systemic going on that I still need to address. I'm spot treating that cyst with Vitastem ointment to make it go away faster). If you've got stubborn acne I'd definitely recommend giving this product a try! This is a prescription
  3. Day 12 pic - no new cysts on the treatment areas, red marks are still fading. One new cyst on the back of my neck at hairline, pic not shown - using Vitastem as a spot treatment and it has already flattened.
  4. Well, I can say this product is healing my active acne faster than anything else I've tried! Cyst from Day 5 is on its way out, and older red marks seem to be fading. Still hoping to get completely clear, so hoping nothing new appears... will continue to apply Vitastem twice a day and post a pic every other day.
  5. I've been continuing the regimen described in my first post, applying Vitastem topical ointment twice daily after washing with Cerave. Had a setback on day 5, a new painful cyst on my neck and another on my cheek - they were previously microcomedones. This is pretty standard for me and how my skin usually looks, even with the Spironolactone and doxycycline. I'm slightly encouraged by Day 7, as the they seem to be healing up faster than usual (my cysts often hang around for 2 weeks or more).
  6. Worked great - at first

    Long time hormonal cystic acne sufferer, got bad in my early 30s - tried to avoid oral meds and anything with a systemic effect, but it got so bad I got desperate. Prescribed by my Derm initially at a higher dose, I think 75mg. Slowly but surely my skin improved, and the course of the next year I was titrating down from 75, then 50, then 25 - then tried breaking the 25 in half to 12.5mg doses (hoping to get off it altogether) and nope, the cysts were back. Even at 25mg it has never been perfect
  7. Here's a pic from three days into treatment. The active blemish from Day 1 by the corner of my mouth has healed quite a bit, and I think faster than usual. On day 2 I picked at a whitehead on my cheek, which is why you see that new red mark - I know, I know. Do as I say and not as I do - don't pick! Subjectively, the red marks look lighter all over, but I don't think it's that obvious in pics. No new cysts, but still some closed comedones lurking on cheeks, jaw and neck. I will continue to updat
  8. I'm writing this blog to document my own experiences with a topical product called Vitastem. It was recommended to by a physician friend who was seeing amazing results in psoriasis and eczema patients, and said I should give it a try for my persistent, cystic acne. About me: I'm mid-30s and a lifelong acne sufferer. First cystic breakouts were in high school, on my back - I still have scarring. At that time tried benzoyl peroxide then oral antibiotics but in the end the only thing that actual