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  1. miss you my freind, hope all is well for ya :)

  2. Every night, to meeeee, is Haaaaalloweeeeen.

    Or.........., aaaaah, it;s Halloweeen. buh buh, buhbuhbuh ahhhhhh, it's Halloween ooooooooooooooooooooh, tonight

  3. Hey! Thank you! Nice to be missed. Busy season this year. Both kids playing ball for their schools.

  4. Just poping in to say hi and that you're missed around here.

  5. Much love to you. <3 I'm so glad you're rocking your classes. I'm so proud of you.

  6. Don't know where you are but do know that you're loved and missed. Please take care of yourself. Drop me a mail anytime. Love you woman.

  7. Eryka


  8. Stopping by to say hi and that I've missed you. My computer was broken and school is insane, hence my absence. Computer is fixed so I'll be around more often. :Hugs:

  9. Hoffman-LaRoche, the largest manufacturer of cancer medications, issued a recall for Accutane, an oral medication intended to treat severe acne. Accutane has been widely linked to several adverse side effects since its release in 1984, including psychological changes, suicidal behavior, auto-immune disease, central nervous system problems and birth defects. In June 2009, Roche announced a recall of the medication after a court decision awarded more than $33 million in damages to victims of Accu
  10. Still under a lot of stress, but my boyfriend is my rock and I get through everything with his help and his love.. that is one area in my life where I am very fortunate in and I'm grateful for that. Miss you too! <3

  11. How are things going for you? I remember you being stressed out not too long ago, hopefully things are better. I miss you!

  12. Happy for you dear, I'm so glad things are looking up for you now. <3

  13. I think your message was perhaps the sweetest I have ever recieved. You can be quite charming Mr. Jaxin. And for the record, I miss you too.

  14. there has been this void in my heart everytime i go to the lounge and do not see an uppercase E followed closely by the letters r-y-k-a :(

  15. Hey honey! I miss the Org too. School has been keeping me really busy. My first day off is on Sunday, then I swear I will post an update. Luv ya.