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  1. It HAS!!! lol :) Thanks for asking

  2. What is a clay mask? You just get your face damp and then sry and then use a cotton swab for the vinager right?
  3. me looking good you know
  4. Hey!!! Hope all has been well!

  5. Okay so I had a question about the vinager. I am getting really bad blackheads on my nose. Do you think the vinager will help clear my blackheads???? Please reply! Thanks
  6. So I am still confused on the mix. So after your done washing andall of that, you apply the ACV and you mix the ACV with water? and that's it just straight water and AVC? and im guessing we scrub it on and then wash it off correct?
  7. I would just keep using your retin A, I wouldn't have surgery, it only makes it worse, let the skin heal naturally, don't stress it out, peeling can be a good thing, but make sure your moisturizing.
  8. hey, its gonna be alright. Just remember we have all gone through the same thing. I havn't look at myself in the mirror in over a year. It is tough man. I cry over it and I get mad at myself. Just make sure you figure out how to lessen those breakouts thats the mosti mportant thing. You need to let your scars heal. I promise you they will get better if you keep fighting and take care of it in a gentle way. Don't stress out just breath, you dont want to get more acne through stress. Just keep fig
  9. okay so your right it probly is allergies. their starting to fade though. But I am gonna stop taking omega threes and only take one vitamin C tablet a day. I am also switchign to vitamin A with beta carotein it is better for your liver. So well see how it goes. I did experience one pimple though but I was stressed that day, and i had a tough workout that day, and I hadn't taken my vitamins that day because I had been getting sick so it probly was because of all that
  10. thank you very much mam. And how many green drinks should i have a day? I usually have been doing one justi n the morning, and then taking my vitamins throughout the day with very healthy meals. But unfotunately my vitamins almost poisoned my liver and I was coughing blood up and snot for a long time. Now I think I am just going to try the green drink in the morning. Then I will eat healthy foods throughout the day
  11. so should I not be taking all those danm vitamins, and just get them from food and maybe like 1 or 2 supplements
  12. so you are so all your cystic acne? what I don't understand is that I have been searchign and searching I have no cystic acne but not one freakin scar will go away. All I want is to have my skin back. Now I take 9 vitamins a day and am on a diet but I still got scars I can not get them to go away,anybody got any ideas?
  13. okay well i guess imstarting to see side effects of taking vitamins. I take about 9 vitamins a day and I am starting to get a lot of snot and it kinda feelsl ike im getting sick because my throat hurts but I don't feel sick. Anybody who can help me out with my problem? how can I fix the way I take them