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    football, sport, fitness, going out and having fun with clear skin!!!!
  1. Hey Animal, whats the problem. I was just having a laugh trying to make light of the situation. Sorry if I offended you, but others found it quite funny. I guess I've got a weird sense of humour but I do have one so don't judge me mate cos you don't know me.
  2. Fame, I'm on nothing at the moment. Just drinking loads of water, getting plenty of exercise and trying not to irritate it by leaving it alone and not shaving for a while to give my skin a chance to heal and clear up. It really sucks in the meantime.
  3. I have developed some horrible cysts on the end of my knob. Yellow pus comes out and the rest of my cock is begginning to get covered in these hideous cysts. My ballsack is very itchy and it has a few large cysts on it that throb. I can only make it feel better when I submerge my sack in a tub of rasberry ripple ice cream. Toffee has a good affect also but I really need some long term solution. Does anyone else get these type of spots on their genitals?
  4. You don't want that shit, you want some grade A skunk weed. I like to play football as an escape or crack one off. Getting drunk out your head is quite good aswell.
  5. OK sorry bush monkey was the wrong choice of word. I mean I don't feel confident enough at the moment to go for good looking girls cos of acne so I just don't bother. Not saying people are bad or judging them cos of it but it is important to be attracted to the person. I just wanna be the way I used to be. Bush monkey is an expression I use back home.
  6. OK, I see what your saying about not expecting the girls to be great looking when your face looks like shit, but the way I see it for me is that before acne the girls that were interested in me were literally gorgeous. So if I've been able to get girls like that in the past I'm not about to settle for some bush monkey just because my self-esteem is low at the moment. I'd rather wait until I sort my skin out and get my confidence back. I'm soooooo fucking angry!!!!!!!!
  7. My acne just never seems to go away and beleive I've tried almost everything (accutane twice). I decided just to say to hell with how I look and not bother shaving until it gets better. I normally like to be clean shaven but it looks shit with spots and bleeding scabs so I'm just going to leave it. I think if you shave it irritates the acne each time not giving it a chance to heal itself. Just an idea.
  8. I'm going be to really honest and say that I do go for looks when it comes to girls but personality is also important. What really pisses me off is that before I ever got acne I could literally choose what girl I wanted out of all the fit ones. I am a good looking guy but with acne I feel hideously ugly and ever since then chicks don't approach me. Now whether this is to do with having red fucking pustules on my face or the fact that I've turned into a morbib psycho introvert I don't know. But y
  9. Not that I want to get into a pointless argument with the bignosebandit, but I've had two horrible courses of accutane with not much improvement at all let alone clear skin. I thought it would be the answer to all my problems and restore my confidence again, but no I was dissapointed again. Lucky me, I must be in the 10%. As for your sister, I accept that people have different metabolisms, but if I were her I would work that much harder each day to lose more weight, whatever it takes I would do
  10. I've had acne for around 7 years and yes I definitely have had mental problems as a direct result of it. I think alot of people do though. I've developed BDD or Acne Dysmorphia and severe depression. My life is fucked. I feel nervous around others and I want to kill people. I mean it, anyone that looks at me funny is going to get murdered by me continuously by jumping on their head. One guy got it the last time I went out, he was'nt laughing after his face was broken. It felt sooo good. Oh yeah
  11. Hi everyone, another fellow acne sufferer. Yep, acne has totally fucked my life and changed me from being outgoing and popular to an introverted, angry, bitter fucking pycho loner. Anyway in response to the question I personally would rather be overweight than have acne. At present I keep very fit but I have to deal with these fucking disgusting pustules on my face and under my skin. It is so frustrating because I desperately want clear skin but there is nothing more I can physically do to chang