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  1. bump i leave for college tomorrow and i was really starting to worry about my body acne. i used the PanOxyl bar in the shower, knowing that i wouldn't see too much of an improvement. however, i saw an old container of Evoclin my doctor had prescribed to me a while back with plenty of the medication still in it. i used this stuff on my back before i went to bed after having washed with the PanOxyl, and this morning, my back has cleared up significantly! after one day of using this combo
  2. Hi, I've been using PanOxyl 10% BP bar for a couple weeks now, but I haven't really noticed any significant improvement. I use this only on my back, chest, and shoulders when I'm in the shower, 1-2 times per day. Does anyone know of another product that I could use in the shower? Don't tell me to use that Neutrogena stuff, tried that and it fails
  3. Hey everyone, I got some cosmetics for xmas - one being a nice bar of glycerine soap. I love using it to wash my hands because it doesn't dry them out like Softsoap does. Right now I use Cetaphil daily facial cleanser for my face, but it's sometimes too drying (especially in winter) and I'm worried that it will aggravate shallow scars that are trying to heal. Would anyone recommend using glycerine soap as a complete replacement for the Cetaphil?
  4. I've posted about this before, but I'll readdress my problem. My skin is relatively clear now, after years of treating pimples and redness. However, I am noticing very shallow indents appearing on my face where pimples have never been. Is there any possibility that these very shallow scars become more visible due to oil production on my face? If my skin gets less oily, will they fade away? If oil has nothing to do with these marks, will the skin/collagen/whatever heal and regrow over the de
  5. MaddMike


    Does anyone have information AMCV disorder other than that 'eMedicine' article? I think I might have this and want to know more about it. I'm going to see my dermatologist in a few days and I hope he knows what this is...
  6. Does anyone know if stress/anxiety or lack of oxygen for the skin (or lack of anything for that matter) causes skin to deteriorate? I've noticed various, small patches on my face that leave shallow scars even where I've never had acne before in my life. I also have a long, thin, shallow line under my eye where the skin is indented kind of... I have no idea wtf is going on, but I'm always getting stressed out about it, and then I got worried that this stress is actually causing it. Anyone have
  7. I've had acne for a long time, but right now it is mild and I have very little facial redness left. However, I can't stop thinking about my face and how I "need" it to be perfect. I then spend a ton of time looking closely in the mirror at all the scars and sometimes go into panic attacks that they will never heal. I feel as though whenever I get really stressed out and anxious, random lines, scrapes, and weird scars start appearing on my face, even in places where acne has never, ever been.
  8. Recently I got a cyst on the side of my face. I'm not too worried about it because I'm completely over the bad habit of picking at my skin. Will the cyst disappear if I leave it alone? Also, will it scar even if I don't pick at it? Thanks.
  9. Ok, so I have mild acne, but developed a flat, red mark close to my temple about a month ago. I have never picked at it or done anything to irritate the mark, but it still hasn't gone away. There is no bump at all, it is just flat and red, about 1/4 cm in diameter. Is this a cyst? Is there anything special I should be doing to make it go away? thanks in advance
  10. Ugh, I've tried searching all over the internet but can't find anything... all I know is that I'm certain these depressions were not caused by acne, they just randomly show up and I hate them :confused:
  11. I don't have very bad acne, but when I get stressed out it gets worse. Recently, I notice that when I get stressed out, random dents appear on my skin! It is so depressing, I've never even had acne in areas where they are showing up. They are very shallow, wide dents without any redness whatsoever, I have no idea what is causing them, please help if you know what this is.
  12. Hi all, I'm 17 and have never had severe acne, but I do have scars that I worry about, as well as the active breakouts that drive me crazy whenever I'm stressed out. My goal is to get rid of my current pimples and ultimately prevent further breakouts. If any of you have advice on what I'm currently using, as well as any changes to my routine that you would recommend, I would greatly appreciate it... I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser every night before I go to bed to get rid of oil an
  13. I know stress definitely increases oil production on the skin, but I'm still wondering about the pitted scars. Are they affected or am I just paying too much attention to them?