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  1. halina

    Actually moisturizes well Little to no scent Great on my sensitive skin Kinda pricey; get it on sale I love this stuff. It's basically the only moisturizer that plays nice with my face. I can put it on the worst patch of dry skin or eczema and I've never experienced any kind of burning. Note the difference between the CeraVe in the pump and the CeraVe in the tub -- I think the tub is far more moisturizing. Since using this (and 2% SA from Paula's Choice), my acne has decrea
  2. halina


    i hope this album eventually shows progress
  3. halina

    Goes on smooth, no residue, clear. Expensive, ineffective. I used Differin in high school for about a year and it didn't do anything. Now, as a 26 year old adult with acne, I gave it another go. I started it about a year ago this month and have used it consistently since. Absolutely no effect whatsoever. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...yeah. Anyway, it's insanely expensive. Even with my BC/BS insurance, it's $80/tube. Because of this, and maybe t
  4. halina

    Works...at first. The Clindamycin pledgets (pads) STINK to the point where I'll actually gag. I used these for a year. They worked, at first, but then my acne came back. In all, they cleared up my face about 50% during the best time of my treatment. Now, I'm not quite back to square one...but I'm close. I'm giving us because of the horrible smell & the fact that I tend to waste about 20 pledgets because by the time I get to the bottom of the container, they're all dried out.
  5. my horomonal acne sucks too. i'm on week 6 of the regimen, and my period is irregular, so i really can't tell when the horomones are starting or stopping right now -- but my face usually gets worse before my period too. anyway, i use a 12% AHA cream (all over in the AM, spot treatment at night), and every other day or so i do the baking soda mask in my big problem area. the baking soda mask seems to work well for red/brown spots, but it hasn't done much for me for my actives. i leave mine on
  6. So, I just spent a crapload of money (errr, $8) to buy shampoo without SLS, thinking that SLS might be contributing to my acne. I've been using it for about a week and a half now. THEN, today I go and read the back of my Cetaphil cleanser...SODIUM LAURyL SULFATE! WTF? How can it be "non-comedogenic" with that ingredient? Anyway, I'm mad. Does anyone know of a very gentle cleanser (preferrably a liquid one) that does NOT have SLS?
  7. wynne, thank you so much for those links! i'll have to look through my conditioner ingredients, too.
  8. you know what? it lathered pretty well (i was expecting virtually no lather), but you have to use a decent amount of shampoo for it to lather well. i was trying to use such a tiny bit because it's expensive, ha. and the smell is fanTASTIC. i'd definitely recommend it!
  9. i actually found emu oil )inadvertantly) today at a local natural health food store. if you're anywhere near delaware, i can give directions! ha. if not, i'd just recommend trying any health food stores you have near you.
  10. Thanks! I actually got to the store earlier this afternoon; I couldn't find anything at my local drug store that didn't have the sulfates. So, I went to a natural-health sort of store and wound up getting a Bert's Bee's shampoo (pomegranate, hmmm) for just over seven dollars. No sulfates -- sodium OR ammonium! Yay! I hope it helps, as most of my zits are around my hairline.
  11. Okay, good to know! My Thermasilk has the ammonium type in it; so does my cheap-o white rain kind. I'll probably still visit the drug store to look into the ones you've recommended, though!
  12. So, I hear that SLS in shampoos can aggravate acne. Virtually every shampoo has them, but I do have a bottle on hand (White Rain; Sunflower) that has ammonium laureth sulfate. Does this have the same negative effect?