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  1. Hey. I used Isotrex for about 6 months this year, it is pretty much just retin-a so looking at that board would give you more info. It's nothing like accutane. Anyway it did absoultly nothing for me and just made my face dry all the time. I wouldn't pin any hopes on it getting you clear.
  2. That's exactly how i feel! I've had that thought on many occasions too. I only have moderate acne but it's painful all the time and sometimes really painful. Also the pain means that you cant forget about it, it's a constant reminder of how unattractive you look. I definatley think the pain is the worst part, you're not alone with that thought.
  3. To get clear sometimes you have to get worse. I know it sounds like a cliche but it's true! If you are worried about your self-esteem if you get an IB, you have to think how good you will feel when your skin clears up. If the only alternative to this regimen the derm has given you is accutane (which it sounds like) then it is well worth risking a few weeks of break-outs, and from what i've read accutane gives the worse initial breakouts going! Use the meds and just keep thinking of the, hopefull
  4. Today I had a massive breakout on my chin from stopping antibiotics and its hurts so bad! It makes eating really painful and all i want to do is scratch my chin off! Anyway I was thinking that the worst part of my acne is the physical pain it causes, I mean if it wasnt so painful I could quite easily forget about it but because I'm in so much pain im constantly reminded of it. It just makes everyday so hard, if it just looked bad I could deal but with all the pain on top it's so hard to cope. So
  5. 1984 by George Orwell. Also Down and out in Paris and London by Orwell is awesome too.
  6. I've never talked about it with my friends, in fact it pissed me off so much when one friend I have started getting the mildest acne you'd ever see and was complaining about it to me! I'd have killed for her skin. I talk to my sister about it she's pretty cool and understanding, it's nice to have one person you can vent to.
  7. Smart girl ^. I know exactly what you are talking about but I think that it will be a failure. Here is why: If I was god and created something, I would create a universe where things could reach a limit right before discovery. In this universe there are limits to: -space travel - can't travel much faster than light preventing time travel Not true. Time travel, in a way, is possible and has been done, albeit by only nanoseconds. Look up gravatational time dilation. I'm an atheist b
  8. I've been using it for 2 years and haven't had a problem.
  9. I liked antibiotics. I was given Tetracycline tablets 500mg a day and i started clearing up in a week! No initial breakout and I was 100% clear (with the help of BP once a day) in 6 weeks and I stayed clear for a year until I became resistant I'd defintately start taking them asap if I were you. I hope they work as well for you as they did for me!
  10. I'm using this at the moment in the form of Isotrex gel. It's nothing to get excited about it's just a retinoid gel. It's pretty much the same as Retin-A, nothing like Accutane.