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  1. Well, i used to look like a washed up racoon by the time i got home from a club, but i have been introduced to a nice makeup secret and now i usually look fine. After you have applied all your makeup, get a bottle of hairspray and gently spray your face (from like a metre away). It helps your makeup stay on properly! works well for me!
  2. hi! Just wondering if anyone has actually experienced real success in getting rid of red marks/scras after acne. I have had some on my back for what feels like 6 months, it may be less. I have tried so many different things, and i'm starting to beleive that they are real scars that will just never go away. They have formed after scabbing, so i don't see how they can possibly go away? anyone in the same boat? anyone ever managed to get rid of them? help appreciated. thanks, anna
  3. well thats hopeful. thanks. even after scabs though?
  4. does anybody know what i am talking about? They are just red/purple marks where a scab has fallen off after i picked at a pimple. Please any advice would be fantastic, i've managed to get rid of most of my back acne, now i just need to remove these scars, if possible. Thanks, Anna
  5. I'm pretty crap with computers, i don't really know how to post pics. And i don't really have the time at the moment. My scars aren't raised, they are flat and reddish-purplish in colour, although some of the older ones are brown marks. Does that help at all?
  6. Hi, name's Anna. I'm kind of at the end of my tether. I have tried so many natural and chemical products on my skin to get rid of my scars on my back. I have used vitamin e, bioil, acv, neostrata products, lemon juice and honey. All to no avail. I have to go on a beach holiday in like a week and a half with my friends, which i'm terrified of. I have pretty bad scars on my lower back, they formed because i was naughty and picked at my pimples and made them into scabs I was just wondering if an
  7. I used bio oil fairly religiously for about a month on my lower back where i have some scarring. I found it broke me out, was far too oily and there was no improvement of my scars. But others have had good results with it, maybe you should try out a test patch and see the effect? Anna
  8. Hey there, i'm also from Melbourne :D

  9. WOW! sounds exactly like me in year 10! I used to have a massive inferiority complex because my best friend i so wonderful and gifted. I put it down to the fact that I was incredibly depressed that year and comparing myself to her just exacerbated the issue. I am so glad that I went through that hellish year though, because I learnt the most valuable lessons of my life. Two years on, I have gained some much-needed perspective. I don't see myself as any worse than her, I see myself as different.
  10. Hi! I've kind of been trying this method, except i'm peeling my skin in a different way. I'm using phisohex but it seems to have the same effects. I tested it on some scars on my lower back and quite a lot of skin peeled off the area but the stupid scars are still there. I'm just wondering if I should peel again, and if in fact these scars will go away by themselves over time? They aren't raised or anything, they are just red/brown spots on my lower back. Thanks, Anna
  11. WHY WHY WHY??? Arrgghhh. this is what i hate most about my back scars and my bad skin. My best friend just suggested we go camping in the holidays. NEAR A BEACH. with the guy i like. There could not be a worse plan ever. And i have no real reason not to go, and she won't let me say no. I can't handle going to the beach with my close friends, how can I handle going with guys. This sucks. I'm desperate to get rid of these scars. I think i'll try and peel off a layer of skin, see if that works.
  12. I still feel pretty every now and then. I should be very happy, the skin on my face is clearing up and its not very bad at all. I have rotten scarring on my back though from acne. Which isn't raised or anything but it doesn't do wonders for the self-esteem. I still get compliments from people, and I am not an unattractive girl, but society demands perfection and there are lot of people out there to compare yourself with. It doesn't help that my two best friends look like supermodels and never se
  13. Hi i'm from Melbourne. Australia. Just wondering if anyone knows of any glycolic acid products with more than 5% that I don't have to purchase online. Something I can get from like target or myers etc. Thanks, Anna
  14. Well my fade cream has alpha hydroxy acids in it. Not sure what % though. hmm...
  15. Everyone is right, if he truly cares about you then it shouldn't bother him. I know how you feel though, I'm scared to get close to the guy I like because i am so woried about what he would think about my scarring. Lifes a bitch and all that.