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  1. DAY 1: I'm trying this for the first time tonight. I used the strips like someone recommended. After I wash if off, Ill probably put some BP on since I'm really broken out right now. On monday I'm going to try lemon juice for my scars.
  2. okay sooo Its been almost three years since I've been off of accutane. Its safe to say my acne has come back 70%. It seriously makes me SO sad that I have to deal with this again. I had about 2.5 years of confidence with clear skin and now I just feel like I'm back to where I started. I started vitamin D and zinc about a month ago and have noticed an improvement. Right now Im just using glycolic acid and bp. I think I'm going to start trying out natural remedies until I find something that works
  3. two days before accutane
  4. I'm starting accutane in two days and I was just wondering if you can still bleach your hair while on accutane.