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  1. Hi Vanessa!! Ahh so I'm on week 6ish.. I did freak alittle after writing that post and ended up washing and toning for a few days but something told me to go back and stick it out.. So I have.. Its been two solid weeks now and I've barely let water touch my face.. My forehead has mostly cleared up.. I think if I were to exfoliate it it would be pretty smooth.. I'm dealing with alot of hyperpigmentation.. And now I'm dealing with cheek breakouts and a bit on my chin.. The chin comes and goes pret
  2. Has anyone experienced this using the Caveman Regime before? Background.. I was on Accutane twice when I was a teenager.. Cleared my skin up beautifully. Since having kids I began breaking out again on and off... (hormonal) Since I stopped nursing the breakouts returned but I had them under control a natural regime of gentle natural cleanser, diluted apple cider vinegar toner and tea tree oil as a spot treatment. Recently I decided I was done being a prisoner to all these remedies and felt like