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  1. Too true. "Learned helplessness" seems to be associated with acne though. Time, money and effort invested into getting clear alone can be a hassle, let alone bleeding, bumps and unsightly red marks. Probably where a lot of sufferers frustrations stem. I agree though "People don't care as much as you do".
  2. I've not been here in years. My skin looks good now so i feel a lot better. Still pull the odd day off work/uni when i break out lol shh... we've all been there.
  3. Hey anyone feel suicidal ? For the last few weeks i have begun to feel this way and ill think to myself oh im just having a bad day but the disturbing thing is each day that passes these feelings get stronger. Now i kinda think its due to the fact that with each week that passes my acne gets worse and my therapist makes me expose myself more frequently .(i also have social anxiety just so you know) And the mixture of the increasing acne related stress and the increasing exposure related stress
  4. Yeah me too.. Even when i am with my family and so called friends i still feel lonely, It hurts....
  5. I suggest you give the brat a glasgow kiss (headbutt) the next time he annoys you,where i live it seems to be a really good way of putting people in their place.
  6. Like calibos said i dont really dwell on what kids say it's the adults comments that hurt me most , Because kids dont know much better cos they are still learning but adults are aware of the effects their comments will have on you and it makes me feel really shit to know that they have put a lot of thought into thinking of words that are filled with venom and hatred when you know they could of easily put that same amount of time and thought into thinking of something to make you feel better abou
  7. Yeah i hear you guys,I have only a few spots thanks to roaccutane (only took 7 years to get on the fucking stuff ) and i kinda think my skin looks dare i say normal-ish when i look in the mirror but until today when i was shopping i caught my reflection in a full length mirror and it must of been the lighting because i was traumitised to see that i have very deep pockmarks on my cheeks ,i swear i could of died on the spot i was so pissed off and ashamed i just turned around and went home,i gu
  8. Just keep telling yourself that its not your fault ! because after all you did'nt ask to have acne did you ? and yeah just keep studying because you will make something of your life but only if you keep trying.
  9. Hey at least you have the right attitude in not letting acne hold you back in life,unfortunately it has overwhelmed me but thats another story . I know like you say it's really testing your character and patience and that is hard to deal with but you sound like a really bright and generally nice person that has a lot to offer to the world and your friends. I guess for the short term you'll need to cover the red marks until you can afford a cosmetic procedure to make them disappear completely and
  10. Hmm strange cos when i stopped smokig i stopped hanging about in smokey places and it cleared my skin right up ,no joke i had the best skin since my pre acne years but i dunno cos i only managed to stop for a month for a month and its kinda back now but if you think about it non smokrs have acne too so it aint really got to do with smoking or non smokng but yeah i hope you are financially better off at least and if your acne is really bothering you i suggest you go see a derm about being put on
  11. Ash your on the same boat as me, Firstly like me you need to find a solution to your acne say roaccutane for example so go see a dermatologist as soon as you can because your skin wont get better by itself. Secondly you should see your GP about your mental health and ask to be referred to a phsychologist becase you need a cognitive behavioural therapy based treatment to overcome your anxiety/panic attacks in the meanwhile though i think an antidepressant might ease your depression (not that i
  12. Hey what's worse having acne or being forced to listen to a James Blunt album ?,personally i find them both miserable.
  13. Hey what make up is it you use? because in going to the derm about the redness of my face that appears after i wash and im kinda hoping they give me some kind of consealer or something.but yeah id rather live with the shame of wearing a consealer to hide the redness than live with the shame and torment that comes with looking like this.