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  1. After successfully using the oil cleansing routine for nearly an entire year (during which my face didn’t look oily), I got acne (p. acne) - BUT I think that’s cos I stupidly used shea butter as a moisturiser and it’s probs too heavy for my skin which allowed an anaerobic environment for breeding and development of the acne. Anyhow, I was given duac (benzoyl peroxide 5% and clindamycin 1%) and told to cut oils from my skincare, and, yes my acne is packing up and leaving (btw I’m also on lymecy
  2. What do you think to be better and why? On me, I know that popping some spots on my face leads to spreading, whereas other times the spot has gone and not returned. I know it’s not just me who wants to weigh out the pros and cons.
  3. I read about that face mapping stuff , it didnt really get to my head especially the lung thing since i feel completely fine other than this fucking acne Haha ikr! My lungs seem to function as normal, and I don’t. The face mapping does confuse tho because I don’t know whether the photos are meant to be mirror images or literal (as in right and left). I just thank myself, that it’s not right in the centre of my face, because I’d feel way worse.
  4. My acne is worse on my right cheek too, so I guess it must be. Idk why though
  5. I like duperele’s advice and I’d also say to go to a professional, if that means an appointment with a doctor or dermatologist, or even asking your local pharmacist to quickly have a look. Generally professionals’ advice is very worthy, and they will have seen it all.
  6. Yeah it is 0, but shea butter is very thick and sticky, and doesn’t allow oxygen to reach the pore, so I think that as the issue. I rather liked castor oil when I used it, but I recently read somewhere that it has a biotoxin called ricin (vaguely knew about this all along) and some people react really badly to it. Also patently castor oil manufacturers add a preservative called dodecyl gallate, which is a common allergen. Also because it’s such a heavy astringent, it can mess up the acid mante
  7. First let your skin heal from this reaction. If you still want to use a bp face wash go for 5% bp and no more. I have acne and sensitive skin and deal with it well as a topical treatment.
  8. Background info / my skin story so far: I am a girl in my mid teens. I’ve had a proper skincare routine since I was 10, so my skin was pretty good in my early teen years. I started developing a few spots and blackheads at around 12, which gradually got worse. They began to bother me a year later, so I started to use 'for acne-prone skin' products on my face, but they only seemed to make my face oilier. Then I found out about the oil cleansing method, how oil dissolves oil, and it just made
  9. No problem at all. Ah yes, good old bp, I use that too. Go for it, and I wish you luck!
  10. I would say moderate. They are not cysts. They are normal pimples (pustules to be precise) and maybe a couple of ingrown hairs. Probably hormone-induced - don’t worry, there are many treatments/medications to resolve this. Make sure to cleanse your face with a non-comedogenic cleanser once or twice a day (cetaphil should be fine) and get back to your doctor, or ask a pharmacist. Don’t rely on the internet (haha how ironic) or your own research, go see a professional. If the treatment they offer
  11. Oh I learnt the hard way! I still use tea tree oil, but when I was 13 I burnt the skin under my nose with it, and looked like I had a cold for an entire year and a half after that. It’s absolutely hilarious to me now.
  12. Whoops I meant mould. It would be a shame to stop working out if you enjoy it, and it is important to exercise. It seems that you are not alone with this problem, and there will be a way to resolve it, I am sure. The most important thing is to speak to a professional, so I would advise to go to a pharmacist or make an appointment with your doctor, and they should be able to pinpoint the problem which causes you to breakout when you gym. You could even go to a dermatologist, because they spe
  13. Does the shower have any mound anywhere that could be a problem? Are you sacrificing sleep for gym when you do gym? Have you spoken to a pharmacist or GP?
  14. Woah, man! That’s a good transformation congrats, it must be a huge weight off your chest!
  15. Yep, I’ve literally had this problem which started in August. I’ve realised that popping pimples isn’t for the better at all. It's good that you've found a way to let some frustration go. This acne will not last you forever. I highly doubt that your diet or hygiene is the cause of this breakout. I, myself, have pointed to stress and hormones. I mean it’s totally normal to have acne because of hormones - it’s the most reasonable explanation. I know that many of my friends don’t sleep as much as I