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  1. Calms down my acne

    Been drinking apple cider vinegar (with the mother) for about three years now every morning. It's amazing! After about a month after drinking this every day I instantly noticed a difference with my skin. It looked a lot more radiant and my acne had defiantly calmed down. Couldn't recommend apple cider vinegar more, but make sure to dilute it with a full glass of water to prevent burning your oesophagus.
  2. Great for redness

    Amazing at getting rid of redness but didn't notice a difference with my acne. You'd be better off with a good spot gel if you want to use lemon to reduce the size of your spots
  3. Just searched it online and it seems as though I can get it in the UK. That's amazing how it's cleared up your skin, I will defiantly get it - it seems so much more worth it than accutane. I will have to save up though first!
  4. I haven't noticed a difference with differin but a few weeks after I started using it I began using hibiscrub too which made my skin significantly improve, so maybe it began improving because of the two combined together....I've tried lymecycline, treclin, benzoyl peroxide and differin. All lymecyline did was make my skin worse as it gave me folliculitis all around my mouth area and chin, so I've felt a bit nervous about trying another antibiotic, but I think I may have a talk with my doctor abo
  5. I've been using differin since August and I wash my face with hibiscrub (but only when it's breaking out) and a charcoal face wash by l'oreal. I also heard that people may get kidney damage from having too much vitamin A? But then again, that was from a friend and not a doctor.
  6. I have had acne ever since I was 11 (I am now 16) and ever since I have never seen myself with clear skin. My acne came to the point where it was so severe I couldn't even leave the house to go to school, despite the fact I was wearing foundation. I'd be going to the doctor constantly about it, and the doctor would always mention accutane, but i'd always be reluctant and try other products. I've tried lymecycline (which gave me folliculitis), differin, treclin and benzoyl peroxide and none of th
  7. I have really mild acne but it flares up at times and gets really bad. I'm taking a blood test on Monday to see if I'm able to take accutane, but I feel like my spots will come back after the tablets because they seem to be hormonal. I have red acne marks all over my skin from my acne last year (it was awful) and I was just wondering if accutane gets rid of those marks? If not, is there anything I can take to get rid of them? I'm currently trying differin which isn't doing anything.
  8. I went to my doctor two weeks ago because of my acne and my doctor really wanted me to take doxycycline for it. I'm pretty worried about taking doxycycline because I've taken lymecycline for my acne twice before and it always makes it a lot worse, so I want to avoid taking antibiotics. She told me that accutane would react really well with my acne, but gave me differn and told me to come back in two weeks to see how my skin is. It's caused my skin to clear up on my forehead, but I still have a f
  9. Best thing I've ever done for acne!

    I've had acne for four years and found that it was just getting worse and worse. I had tried everything to get rid of my spots and even went on antibiotics twice but it barely did anything and my skin began looking severe, mainly on my chin and forehead. I would never wear makeup so I knew that that wasn't the reason for my acne, but I had lots of dairy products every day. However, I didn't think that that was the reason as I ate healthy meals, never had fast food and found lots of articles onli
  10. Good moisturiser for acne prone skin

    I use this every night as my skin is very dry and it helps sooth it. I defiantly recommend it if you have dry skin and find that every other moisturiser makes you break out, but just try to avoid applying it on your spots as I find that in some cases it makes them worse as it blocks your pores. It is meant to reduce the redness in your acne scars as well but I haven't noticed any difference.