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  1. No, they do not fix the underlaying cause, they just get rid of ur active breakouts.
  2. I have had VERY SEVERE ACNE that have left my fave disfigured to some point.., (fat loss). I cleared it up with antibiotics and epiduo, and now get like 7 pimples at one time. But every weekend my girlfriends comes over, or when we go on a vacation together for a few days, or even a week. My face becomes very clear. And that would be probably because of me ejaculating about 14 times a week during some periods. So i would argue ejaculating and sex would probably help your acne.
  3. I do not understand, can you explain? (Seriously idk whether it's a joke or an insult, curious to find out)
  4. Why are you stupid? Accutane dries your whole body up, it might have affected your growth, who knows.
  5. What you are saying is simply like saying that there is always someone who will find getting shit on attractive. Yes, there might be some people who are attracted to acne and scars, but probably less than 1 in 10 000. It's not in human nature to find people with acne attractive, in fact it is something unattractive. However people can look past that. In fact what you are saying is very shallow, you are talking all about how acne scars are beautiful like it's the only thing that matters "beauty
  6. Sleeping with an escort because you can't sleep with a normal girl will make you miserable... It is not the same thing at all. A girl should be telling you she loves you, you should make out with her tease her and feel the connection. While you can't even kiss a hooker cuz u will get herpes n shit. It is validation from a woman that makes sex great, not the sex itself. Having sex with an escort is not sex, it's more like a form of mustrubation.
  7. Please stop spreading those utterly stupid myths that antibiotics make your acne worse...
  8. I took antibiotics like a year ago, and at the same time i used epiduo which i continue using, and they cleared me up to the point while i have like 3 small pimples on my face, like really small. So yes they work.
  9. It is! Don't worry. I would advice you to watch Brian turner's youtube videos. It took him more than a year to get clear with accutane. He is a great guy.
  10. I do not compleatly agree. Just as accutane dries out ur skin it also tries out your braincells... I had a psychiatrist explain it to me.