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  1. So, I'm gonna need that banner. . . I have clear skin!!!!! Here's what I did. Since I'm apparently really sensitive to BP, I started with just the tiniest bit once a day. Like the size of a pea. Even that caused some irritation, but I toughed it out. I only used BP at night, so I slept through the irritation. Then, REALLY slowly, I increased the amount of BP. I didn't increase until I stopped getting any redness at all from the amount of BP I had been using. I'm still not even up to usi
  2. So I went for several days without using any BP, just to let my skin recover. I swear my whole face peeled off. After a talk with one of the DKR product customer service reps, I decided to try using a pea-sized amount of BP, once a day for a week, and then slowly increasing. Well, I've done that two nights now. Just the tiniest bit of redness. No peeling. The DKR moisturizer isn't burning. That makes me happy, since the other moisturizers I've tried leave me feeling like a giant mass of g
  3. Thanks! I'll give the short-contact method a shot. I haven't used any BP today or yesterday and my skin is much less red and has stopped burning. It's peeling though, kinda like a sunburn. eeeew! At least that doesn't hurt though. My plan at the moment is to let my poor skin recover for a bit. Just cleansing and moisturizing until the redness and peeling are gone. Then will try the short-contact method. Keepin' my fingers crossed. Rebecca
  4. Some people have suggested that my skin might just be super sensitive to the BP and the moisturizer is burning just because the BP has irritated my skin so much that anything would burn. Hoping that using the BP only every other day will reduce the irritation enough so the moisturizer stops burning.
  5. Before ya'll give up sex and masturbation.... Consider the possibility that it's just the sweat causing the acne, not the actual sexual activity. Masturbating or sex makes you pretty sweaty, right? And do you go wash that sweat off your face right away? Bet ya don't. So, before giving up your sex life (to whatever extent you have one), try just washing your face afterward. As an aside, the vast majority of psychologists will tell you that masturbation in moderation and with healthy fantasie
  6. Started the DKR on the evening of 9/6/07. Used all 3 DKR products. Just 1/3 finger BP. Experienced burning and redness after moisturizing. Burning and redness never went away. Morning of 9/7/07, used no BP at all, just cleanser and moisturizer. Moisturizer still burned. Evening of 9/7/07, cleanser, 1/3 finger BP and moisturizer. Still burning. Pimples drying up though. Morning of 9/8/07, no BP, just cleanser and moisturizer. Still burning. Put ice on my face for some temporary relief
  7. This is WAY too funny! It's not the masturbation that causes the acne, it's the sweat! I think it's safe to say that everyone sweats profusely before and during orgasm. And I dunno about the rest of you, but washing my face is not my first thought afterward. In fact, a whole lot of people promptly fall asleep. Sleeping with a sweaty face can't be a good thing. I came up with this theory after discovering that I would get pimples down the center of my chest only after masturbating before be
  8. I'm pretty sure it's not the BP making my skin burn. When I put on the BP (just 1/3 finger, at night only) I get no burning or irritation. Then I put on the moisturizer and my face burns and turns red within a matter of seconds. In the morning, when I don't use any BP, my face also turns red immediately after applying the moisturizer. I just now decided to try a different moisturizer. Got Eucarin Sensitive Facial Skin Q10 Anti-wrinkle lotion because at least one person said they thought i
  9. The burning and redness seems somewhat better today than it was. (Though still pretty bad.) I also put ice packs on my face for less than five minutes and that seems to have helped. Rebecca
  10. I have been on the Regimin for 2 days using all of Dan's products. I experience a burning sensation and reddening when I use the moisturizer (even when I use it in the morning, when I'm not yet using BP). The burning and reddening persists all day (and night). Even now, several hours after doing the Regimin, my face is red, sore and actually hot to the touch. I know several people have experienced burning with the moisturizer. Among those who have, has the burning gone away after you use