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  1. hey.....thanks guys 4 all of ur replies....i really appreciate it. i just got my acnexus in today. latley, i have been using noxema.....it looks like it shoould work pretty well for me. in your guys personal opinion, do you think i should try acnexus for like a month to see if it works for me, or do you think i should just keep using noxema? the only problem in trying this is, that i dont want my face to get worse than it is now......it makes me so emotionally disturbed, and i dont think i co
  2. That would be great!!! I hate when people who have never had acne say, "oh well, it is no big deal." and play the lil sad violin for you like they always do me...even my parents I HATE THAT!!! I wish everyone understood that acne isnt omething tht you can wish away. Believe me, if you could do something to stop acne, i would be the first to do it! But it dosent work that way.....oh well..... -Summer:P *I've learned that noxema works rlly well for me.....it dosent irritate or overdry skin.....
  3. hey, i just ordered acnexus thursday evening off of ebay from a guy named saremury or something like that and his feed back was 98.8% positive. i find absloutley nothing wrong with that. anyway, i found ALOT of relies that said it didnt work whatsoever. then again, i found ALOT of replies who said it did work. for the people who think that all the people who say it worked thinks they are people who are working for the company, do u really think that they devote all their time to look on here
  4. I've had great results with accutane and even though having to go on it for a second time am once again clear and have been for several months
  5. i would use a simple facial wash....i highly recommend the neutrogena acne face bar...it is really easy and gentle on your skin............i would use a mosturizer like the healing garden.....for morning and nite..thats wat i use......and for dry, excessive skin, i would use a light exfoliater to help get all the dead skin off of your face,...you'll be able to tell a BIG diff. in how ur skin looks afterwards.....i would recommend to use any type of neutrogena exfoliater............lol.....hope i