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  1. OMG they changed the formula for clearasil sensitive and its in a new bottle..... i'm scared!!! i've always relied on the old one.. and i just like to stick to waht works... so scared this one wont work anybody tried it?????
  2. Haha, thanks! How about yourself? well, i´m actually in Colombia, south america right now so the supply of clearasil is limited... couldn´t find it anywhere!!! soooo i´ve been having to use clean and clear soap which is supposed to have similar ingredients but its sooo not producing the same results... fortunately i get back soon so i will be soooo glad to have my clearasil back!! and i get to try the medicated scrub... so sad that thats the main thing im looking forward to in the States..
  3. Hi marceldia! Yes, I am all clear but I have to deal with pretty bad acne scars. It seems like my acne scars have been worsening over the years. My cheeks and temples are the problem areas. As for my regimen, I recently changed it to address my acne scars. This is how it looks: Morning: c.booth derma24 - Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser c.booth derma24 - Daily Detoxifying Enzyme Toner Pads Nighttime: c.booth derma24 - Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser (twice a week
  4. mekinguwho what is your regimen and are you all clear??
  5. keep your chin up, i´m a 27 year old girl and i´ve never had a boyfriend before

  6. st ives medicated has salicylic acid, since this regimen is only clearasil and a simple unmedicated scrub, then there is no other medication... wouldn´t that make it ok? thanks so much for your replies!!
  7. does anyone know if its ok to use the medicated st. apricot scrub rather than the normal one to get rid of those hard to reach small white bumps??
  8. OMG, skin keeps getting better and better daily-- where was this when i was in high school!!! i'm 26 now and thought my acne would sort of phase out by now.. but noooooo.. been caking on the foundation for years but i haven't had to wear any in the past week-- the first week was rough because i didn't wear any foundation and i was starting out with the two washes- my face was red-- my zits were exposed--- and i looked oily because of the lack of powder... some people at work asked me if i was "
  9. i think its kinda like when you mess with your chest pimples.. you forget to pick at them and it somehow gets better...... all the touching and obsessing with the SA andBP you realize your just causing irritation... just keeping the face clean and barely touching it seems to be key...
  10. been trying this works great.. definitely less zits.. but my face looks like a lobster--and its not a sun issue-- i never go outside... its just my face is soooo red and inflamed.. almost worse than having acne . Anybody have suggestions on what to do?