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  1. Ok, Thanks. I'll try it. I'll tell you if it works in a few weeks.

  2. ..Chill Factor. Chill factor has menthol. The normal 1 leaves your skin somewhat dry after, so No Oilyness. But i cure that up with 100% Aloe Vera and im good!. The 10%BP dries up acne/blackheads. And the oxygen in it really helps. So you can try Urotherapy and see your results. I did it in the morning/afternoon/night.

    But i suggest the OXY 10%bp acnewash!

  3. Hey, i have clear skin with little acne left but my skin is oily. I read your thread and you convinced, I will try that urotheraphy. but how manys times do you put it each day and how long before it works??

  4. To Stephie, you said you used Vitamin E and antibiotic cream. I'm prtty sure the antibiotic cream broke you out...you cant put that shiet all over your face.
  5. it's safe to use the bp cleansar in the morning. use the retin-a at night. It's recommended not use use BP a little before retin-a. so just use it in the morning! I'm not sure about the cleanser with sa before retin-a. Maybe just try cetaphil antibacterial soap? (its what i use)
  6. To stephie, i used an antibiotic too. Really helped with whiteheads and pimples. But it ran out too fast for me, because i used it for spot treatments. to militia, i think you should continue. Maybe ask your derm/doc for a stronger dosage maybe?
  7. Stephie, when i was on retin-a. i had the same problem with lotions burning, i cant recall what i used though. Alot of lotions didnt work that well, oily and not moisturizing enough... Maybe try 100% Aloe vera gel? It's what i use now. But even after i wash, i dont have dry skin anymore! The dryness and flaking will stop, it stopped for me. Just be patient i guess. To shirinami, i remember i had alot of scabs, and i just put the retin-a over them as well. If i can recall, retin-a helped alot
  8. lmfao im scared that if i get off retin-a ill breakout so bad. but if your pretty clear, maybe u can start using it every other day? and if thats okay just start using less and less. if you use it every other day and notice a breakout, maybe you shouldnt? but if you dont, start using it less and less i guess. retin-a is not gonna cause any birth defects (=_=)
  9. Im on .25%...i think i had .1% or .10% before not sure... I also only drink water, and diet ice tea. and c00kie, i used 2 use clindamycin in the morning and retin-a at night. clindamycin is real good because it helped against the IB i had, because it reduces inflamation, and it also helps with whiteheads. for max101, i only steam when i needa get rid of blackheads. and it works real well my acne started maybe round late 13's early 14's? It probably took 7-8months, i dont remember when i took
  10. during the IB, you will get redness/peeling/irritation for a few weeks probably. if you use TOO much retin-a it'll rub off into a ball and peel off. so what i do is a small circle on forehead,and both cheeks and rub all around. I TRIED spot treatment with it...i heard it was good on a popped pimple, but im not sure. i switched prescription strengths to a higher, and i didnt get another initial breakout. MAYBE you will get some, if you upped the strength. i got my IB like the same week i started
  11. alright dude, in the morning just "urinate" in the cup. and after you wash, or rinse with water and pat your face dry. and just dip your hands in the urine and rub it all on problem spots, or all over. IF it smells, it goes away trust me. but MOST OF THE TIME it doesnt smell, and it dries up in a minute or so. and when it dries up YOU WONT EVEN KNOW ITS ON! So, just leave it on. And if you want faster results, many suggest to do it 3 times a day. So as i said before, if you needa go later on the
  12. wow i agree. This is an acne forum, and im just posting what's helping me atm. and the title simply says what the thread is going to be about, so if you don't wanna be apart of it, why waste your time to even post here?? i could reallyCARE LESS if you want to help your acne or not. i really dont even give a shit if im helping you or not either. im just POSTING what's helping ME. so gtfo if you dont like it?.. and greginctw from the looks of your Topics, it looks like you havent done S
  13. Thanks, I know it seems gross. But some people would try anything to help their acne. BP never really worked for me, it burned my skin x_x. But glad it works for you
  14. i put the stuff on my face after i washed my face, and it dried up in a few min. and im still walking around without any smell, i had a pimple a week ago, it turned into a scab, but I didn't want it there, so i peeled it off..and it wasn't completely healed. I've been using 100% aloe vera and neosporin. And it hasn't closed the skin up. I'm not trolling or anything, but the urine actually healed the mark. I can see the skin pulling from the side into the middle, actually closing up the mark.