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  1. Day 15 - two isotretinoin tablets today. One with breakfast and one with dinner.

    I do wonder whether the fact that I eat absolutely not fat from day to day may be effecting how much isotretinoin is being absorbed into my system. Oh well...!

    DH, Robyn, I think you're both right. I am now quite the BP. My skin is taking much longer to heal now and I don't want to do anything to slow the process down any further.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what effect the 40mg has on my skin!

  2. Day 14 - two weeks in.

    I double my dose tomorrow - 20mg to 40mg. I look forward to it!

    The initial breakout, isolated solely to my chin for reasons entirely unknown, has caused significant skin breakage. I am finding that my skin is taking significantly longer to heal. What a bain.

    I must stress, that cheeks and forehead have been clear since commencing accutance. My neck, which has always been a terribly problem area, has also seen improvement.

    A glimpse of hope, two weeks in. Maybe, one day not so far from now, I will look like a normal human being... :)

    Roll on day 15!

  3. Days 12 and 13

    I think I am beginning to experience adverse side effects. In other words, an initial breakout!

    Over the last 2-3 days I have noticed that a number of unusually large pimples have been present on my face first thing in the morning. What has been even more difficult, is that on promptly dealing with the offending follicle infections, I have discovered the hard way that my skin is indeed a lot softer and more easily breakable that it has been historically. Dealing with a spot has therefore caused far more skin breakage and redness than I would’ve usually expected. I have concluded that dealing with a pimple whilst on Accutane is almost a recipe for disaster. In fact, it’s effectively a loose-loose situation.

    So I have started back on the Panoxyl 2.5% benzyl peroxide. I have applied it only to my chin, in the hope that I will not experience any further breakouts in that area. It is interesting to note that the breakout has only been on my chin and nowhere else. The spots on my back have remained exactly the same. Cheeks and forehead have certainly improved since commencing Accutane.

    The thing that bother me is that an initial breakout isn’t supposed to happen when taking only 20mg. But who knows, perhaps my breakout would’ve been much worse if I’d started on 40mg.

    I am due to increase to 40mg on day 15. That is when the real ‘fun’ should begin! lol

    Blackhole, thanks for your advice and support. I am definitely also finding the Eucerin to be really helpful. Out of interest, where are you from the in the UK?

  4. Day 4 and day 5

    My lips are starting to feel a little cracked and dry in the very corners of my mouth.

    Also, despite plentiful amounts of Eucerin to regulate the BP, my skin appears to be more flakey than usual when on the regime.

    I have reduced the BP to one application per day, in the evening.

    Robyn, thanks for the encouragement! Good to hear you're on the fish oil too. My dermatologist's strategy with commencing on a 20mg daily dose was that it will most likely avoid and initial breakout within the first month.

    I hope he is right.

  5. Day 3

    My third Isotretinoin pill.

    I have begun taking fish oil. Super concentrated 1000mg fish oil, from Holland & Barrat. It contains:

    EPA 300mg

    DHA 300mg

    I plan to take three fish oil tablets a day.

    From my research, it would appear that this supplement is essential to any successful accutane regime.

    I am continuing with the twice daily BP. No problems or particular dryness, yet.

  6. Background

    Twenty five years old. Persistent, mild, resistent acne since age nine.

    I am a classic Type 1 - very pale skin and green eyes. Every spot and blemish effects my skin with powerful illumination.

    After years of excessive Benzoyl Peroxide and emasculating daily makeup, I finally broke. A visit to my city's finest dermatologist, who just happens to be my new Doctor, and I have four weeks signed off work and a prescription for accutane.

    Day One

    Four weeks later, I necked my first pill there and then in front of the pharmacist. And I couldn't help but smile - I had waited sixteen years for that moment.

    I am back in the office on Monday and with clients on Tuesday. So as you can imagine, it's still thick Panoxyl (Benzoyl Peroxide) twice every day.

    Starting on 20mg per day for first two weeks. Increasing to 40mg per day thereafter.

    It begins now!