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  1. Thank for your help! I cleaned the face in the morning with tea tree cream lotion, and applied the tea tree moisturizing. I've also applied directly tea tree oil about 5 times a day. (I bough this products on the body shop for about 30 euros. Works great!) The pimple came to the surface, but not very aggressive, and the white head almost never appear. I'm writing this note 2 weeks later, and the mark hasn't fade yet, but it's close. I've continued to apply all this stuff.
  2. Hi people! I've a pimple under the skin about a week now, and i don't know what to do to get it better. A week ago it was just a white head under the skin, and along this last few days if i touch it (which i always avoid it directly), it hurt a lot. But today, i almost don't feel anything, but it is very big (maybe 0,5mm height) and red, and i dont see the head of the pimple. I haven't applied anything, because i don't really want to come to the surface, i just want it to cure alone inside
  3. 2 years have past since i wrote this log. My face is acne free. I still got some pimples in a month but nothing to compare when i was in 2008. They surely come when i have too much stress in a week, eat junk food and don't sleep well. Accutane surely helped. I still recommend! My karma now is to fade the scars. I have a very similar feeling about myself like when i had severe acne. Well... i have the courage to do everything without worrying about my face. The shit is, i always have the feelin
  4. pedroal3xandre

    30 Feb 2007

  5. I'm so happy for u! I'm still in acutane. One month and half to finish and i still don't have any zit too since a long time. I hope i will have the same results... Lips continue to mess with me, but i now its normal. I glad too that i choose acutane. Was the best option that i made. Stay well ;)
  6. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you pedroalexandre and me and everyone else who's clear after accutane! good luck everyone! Thanks a lot! I'm really happy still having this results. I feel bad just to know that acne came back to many people here Hope this will not happen with me. 7 months in acutane is a real battle and i will stay on it to the end. If acne came back i will repeat the course, with no doubts. Bye bye
  7. Same question here! Thanks a lot
  8. Hello to all members of this magnificent forum! Again, I share my experience of life. I had acne for 11 years, 15 to 26. What made me stop all the acne, was no less than Acutane. 20mg per day for 7 months, is making me a new person. More happy, more confident, more optimistic, more beautiful outside... I never thought that with me would be the cure, but that day came after i started taking acutane in February 2008. Today, in June 2008 i'm already healed. Fully healed. I do not have a single z
  9. pedroal3xandre


    Nice pic! I live near a beach, the view from my room is completly different !!!
  10. pedroal3xandre


    Lovely.. I have two! Nemo and Pucca
  11. Love your smile you are HOT!!
  12. No, i don't think it is related. I stopped smoking for 37 days once... And i still had acne. If u are not addicted, please stop. I wish i could...I've tried sometimes but i have never been succeded...
  13. Sea baths are more effective than sun baths....
  14. Hi there! I havent seen much difference on my red marks while on acutane. The acne was gone after...4 months? But the red marks never fade to much in my case. I hope to see some progress after i finish my 7 months course.... One thing is very logical, if acne is gone, then the red marks will fade away with the time. and you will not have more red marks anymore because u dont have more acne. Skin may heal much fast than before i think. In the past i had a TCA Peeling, it was good for scars,
  15. I would like to know this too. If jojoba oil really helps with the red marks.... I bought some too...
  16. Day 133 Hello people! It has been a long time that i didn't wrote here in the log... Acne still controled. I think... I don't have any zit in my intire face, stil hard to believe! It's a dream come true, really! The boring thing is, when a person like me, who had cystic acne for 11 years, and reached a moment in life like this, continues to face the marks after all the nightmare that i lived before. In others words, i still fear something... i have lots of red marks and deep scars which i don
  17. My face never became red... I'm in the 4th month, face is completly clear.. I will be on the treatment 3 more months... Stay well
  18. I'm 26 and after 4 months with acutane, my face became 100% clean....!
  19. Hi Glamorous! I'm sorry because i havent said anything more... Hope u are cool ;) Your new hair cut make's u very hot! Stay well ;) big kiss