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  1. Well, when you're pregnant, there's honestly not much you can do to control acne,.........except putting creams/lotions on your face. Some women have had success with taking erythromycin during pregnancy. I just ran across the street to ask my neighbor who is ALSO pregnant (lol), to see what she uses because I know that she broke out BAD... and I mean REAL bad when she was pregnant. She said nothing really helped. She used "paw paw cream", did yoga (relieve stress), ate a lot of food, and e
  2. Well, I heard that a vitamin deficiency can lead to acne, dry skin, etc. Can anyone recommend a good multi-vitamin for a 16 year old that DOES NOT have iodine in it? (Iodine makes me break out, as it does for most acne sufferers)
  3. Duac never worked for me. oh well.. hope it works out for you <3
  4. British accents are so cool though! lol. china, eh? wooow! I'm half asian.. but not chinese. lol *sigh*. I can't get in touch with my aunt at the moment. She's in Florida. lol! =D I think it's liquid, and I think tea comes along with it? It tells you all about it on the website. I guess it just depends which one you order. http://www.drnatura.com/colonix_program.php You can ALWAYS e-mail them if you have any questions. It would probably be more accurate since.. you know.. they make it
  5. My aunt tried the colonix thing. It made her more energetic. So, I guess different people benefit differently with the product. I personally have never tried it since I'm too young. (yea.. it sucks to be 15) ! =) I figured I'd tell you about Colonix since the forehead and cheek area is related to liver congestion. So, cleaning your system is always a good start to healthy skin. If you do a search on liver and acne, you'll see many researches linking the 2. hmm... yea, I think spiro would c
  6. I can't tell if you're a girl or a guy...... but you look like a girl (sorry if i'm wrong. haha.. xD) Yes, there's a reason why I'm wondering if you're a girl or a guy... it's because,... If you're a girl, you can take a medication called SPIRONOLACTONE. It's great for females with hormonal acne. I'm 15 years old, and I take it (50 mg a day), and it has helped tremendously with my acne. I had worse acne than yours. ESPECIALLY on the forehead. So.. yea.. I totally recommend this medicatio
  7. -get vitamin A and E capsules and poke a little hole in them with a needle. mix the 2 together, and put them on your red marks with a q-tip -get a chemical peel -buy Aqua Glycolic Cleanser. You just use it to wash your face in the morning with. Surprisingly, many people (including myself) had great success with it. -use bio oil (my friend had a lot of luck with this product. Didn't do much for me) -make green tea, and use it on your face. =)
  8. Yea... I absolutely NEED a toner. I have dry skin.. xD I use Thayer's rose petal witch hazel and aloe vera gel with vitamin E. THAT IS SUCH A LONG NAME!!!! It works really well.
  9. Just wondering. lol I wash once a day since I have dry skin. <3
  10. Just use a sewing needle. Doesn't have to be a HUGE needle. Just something small.. You can buy needles at arts and crafts stores, wal-mart, etc To sterilize it, you use alcohol to clean it. Just make sure you wash the needle very well before each use. After the pimple is popped, you can either put something like clindamycin or BP (acne medication), or neosporin. I prefer neosporin. <3
  11. Yea, I know what you mean. They're called hyperpigmentation marks. They're red, and sometimes purple, or brown. It usually happens when the pimple goes away, right? But it seems like it stays there for weeks and weeks. lol. Yea.. they usually fade after about a year. And, all those things I mentioned (bio oil, glycolic cleanser...etc) they all help with red marks. =D About the liver and colon.. You just eat healthy. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Try and avoid fast food.. Wh
  12. hahahahaaha.. =D wow. my friend's friend told me about this. I thought she was crazy! lol. But maybe I SHOULD try it. I guess it makes sense. One factor of acne is bacteria. And... if the cream's purpose is to kill bacteria, then..................................lol