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  1. Just an update. Started accutane for the 6th time, and three times a week. My acne has competly worsened few days ago. Hope i can find a cure soon.
  2. Thank you. You already been on Accutane? If yes, how many courses? I've tried everything, and the only solution left is ULTRA Low dose of Accutane, less suffering, less side effects and high efficacy.
  3. How effective is this cream on your face? Need a prescription by a doctor? I have extreme resistent acne on my face, 4 tane courses and still fighting, maybe all this mess is fungal and i don't know. Please keep us uptated.
  4. hi, i already considered Ultra Low Dose of Accutane as a "maintain cure" and still thinking about it. I've talked with 2 derms about this treatment but they simply regret, they only follow the usual full dose treatment and i just don't want a full course again, to be acne free just about 8 months and they come back again. I'm searching for an alternative cure, before going this way. This forum has plenty of people that used and keep using accutane per week and had success, the problem is that
  5. I just can't accept living this way anymore... i just can't win. 11 years of acne, it's killing me each day, when you think its getting better, worses again and the circle never ends. God, what i did to deserve it? I did not suffer enough? 5 accutane courses already and no permanent cure... so tired to spend money in useless treatments, no one f*cking care, why? Why they think this all complain and bullshit? It's so easy to say when it's not you who's suffering, i am literally crying.
  6. It might be a coincidence, that maybe... you grow out your acne. Your story is similar to mine, i took 5 rounds of Accutane, but still fighting against acne. I'm currently taking zinc, probiotics and started taking 4000ui D3 daily since 2 weeks, no much results in acne so far, i hope i can archieve the same results. Your acne was mild moderate?
  7. I'm considering it but... how safely is overdosing B5? 10 grams seems a lot, did you read about long term issues? Hair loss? It's interesting to do a full research before you go that way. What brand do you recommend? I'm not from the US.
  8. Hello, i already saw your topic, very useful. Well, I never thought it could be an infection, but a sign that my body isn't fine, like we know, acne is basically our organism telling us that something ins't ok, and of course after 5 full courses of Accutane plus antibiotics I am not surprised to be in such situation, a normal person would get rid of acne in at least 2 courses, or if not get a pimple here and there one day and another, but its not my situation, i have one new spot everyday, mos
  9. Hi DomoKun, thank you for your comment. I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling against this kind of acne. Like i said before, my acne is not severe, but i have whiteheads, and also suffer with folliculitis (head, neck), even a few in the chest. I never made an allergy blood test, when I was doing acupuncture sessions, the practitioner suggested the same thing. To do such test I need to go to an allergist doctor first? I avoid many foods in my diet and drink lots of water during the day. I
  10. Hey, i'm taking this one. It says 14 bilion good bacteria, 2 capsules per day. I was a bit skeptical about probiotics, but this is REALLY helping! No side effects, i'm feeling much better, but no affect in acne at all. Sorry to hear the green tea hasn’t helped.personally I would persist with it,I would probably drink more than 1 cup per day.I drink 2-3 per day and when I first started drinking it about 4 cups. Of course if you don’t think it’s helping you can stop but green tea is generall
  11. It's been a almost week drinking green tea once a day (night), unfortunately didn't see any improvement, should I wait a month? Zinc suplemment almost finishing, taking probiotic capsules (which considerally is helping my gut), no bloating and disconfort anymore, but acne still here. I also started using retinoic acid + hydroquinone on my face and i hated it, almost burned my face! I'm considering try B5 or B3, if things don't get better soon, a 6th course of Accutane on low dose for lon
  12. I have googled it, seems very effective! But many reported too much flushing not only in the face and itchiness, thats sound strange, i am white and become red too fucking easy, this is due to Accutane long term effects, skin become thin, and it gave me a little of Rosacea next to the eyes/nose, did you had the same effects with B5 and noticed hairloss? Green tea (along with other diet changes) has helped my acne greatly.It is only harmful to the liver if taken in extremely large amounts, I
  13. hey, wow man, 53 and still fighting against acne? That's way too much for me, ouch, have you ever tried Accutane during these years? I've never tried this kind of vitamins but i've read that B5 causes massive hair loss (permanently), i'm a little bit scared of this. Did you take B3 oral or put it on the face? I had an appoinment last week and my derm prescribed retinoic acid and hydroquinone... i'm so tired of this trial and error stuff, i will give a try. I MUST find the root of my acne,
  14. So, i'm here to say that I gave up fighting my acne. 24 years, tried everything (or almost). I'm lost, hopeless and sad about my condition. Been already on 5 full courses of Isotretinoin, courses of antibiotics, several topical creams (Epiduo, Azelaic Acid, clindamycin, BP), already cut out dairy and gluten, drink lots of water everyday, eating healthy, supplementing with Zinc and Probiotics, Acupuncture and thats all, and acne still right here laughing at me. I still have a closed box
  15. I don't masturbate, because i have a girlfriend and yes, my face always get worse after having sex. When i do it, it's a fact, a new zit at the other day. When i was on Accutane when having sex, my face seemed to look even better and briliant, no worries about it, but now pff... sex can TRIGGER acne for sure.