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  1. I have the exact same prob I bleached my fav sweaters as well Luckely the summer is coming you could try to wear only white t-shirts(So do I )
  2. I used to have an extremely shiny skin as well and ppl asked like "What did you do? Did you rub yourself with some shiny oil or cream or something?". And I always said it was because I cycled too hard. For me it didn't stop in 1 or 2 weeks but it took me months to get rid of it(in my case, but everyone is different ofc.) When I started to use DKR it became wayy less than before.(I used it every morning+evening). Then I started to only use it in the morning and it became even more less and I
  3. I'm still using BP but I think I'll stop today and try it out. Even though my skin alread feels smoother and natural I want to get of the BP.. I'll only keep moisturizing until my face doesn't feel dry after I washed it.
  4. It's a scam ofc but I believe anyone would like to read what that dude wrote. If someone has it could you upload it to rapidshare and put a link here?
  5. Same as Arsenal. Perfect skinned girlfriend yet I met her when my acne was at it worst. It's just that your being insecure as said above.
  6. I'm not sure about enlarging your pores with hot water. But every shaving cream says you have to wash your face with WARM/HOT WATER so I'd just follow this instruction. I'm doing it in the morning myself EVERY single day. I just try to shave as gentle as possible but try to remove all facial hair. (PS: And i shave against the grain/direction my facial hair grows actually cause my face will feel smoother.. and i'm clear but hey everyone's face is different)
  7. Leaving them alone is better trust me. But it's just necessary sometimes cause you are going public. But leave them alone as long as you can.. cause they will pop/disappear themselves.
  8. I needed atleast 2 months to see the effects. And I already have been using BP for 2 years already but the wrong way and percentage.
  9. Actually the first person that said my face was getting better is my brother-in-law.. and he had acne as well when he was my age.. no one else noticed it perhaps because they see me daily? (girlfriend? parents?)
  10. I'd say your spreading the acne because your aggrovating your skin with BP. Which was obviously my case as well 2 years ago. (10% BP FTW to screw your face up)
  11. Letting my facial hair alone was definitly bad for me.. It doesn't only make you look like a bumb it doesn't help I believe.. Shaving is just more hygienic.
  12. Yea it does help BUT it dries me out too much.. too uncomfortable much.