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  1. Hi, I've been using Panoxyl 10 on my face for the past 10 days or so and its really cleared my skin as it has when I've used it before. But this is where the problem starts. I don't use moisturizer because the panoxyl doesn't work as well with it. When I get clear I'm left with embarrassingly dry skin, which I have at the moment. Usually I have to stop using it to let my face recover and my the time it has recovered my acne is back. But I dont want to run into this problem again so what should I
  2. I've been on the regimen on and off since july and my longest stay on it was from the end of september to about the start of november and I can remember my skin looking pretty good, no new acne, all acne on my chin gone just afew red marks on my cheeks. And then I don't know what happens. I just stop doing the regimen. Its not that I dont think my acne will come back, as I know it does. But its like I start looking for other stuff that I can get faster results from. I'm quite impatient, Im think
  3. I'm using Panoxyl 10 acnegel and when I moisturize 15 minutes after the Panoxyl application I can see that it is rubbing off wen I'm applying the moisturizer, instead of the moisturizer being clear like it usually is on its own it becomes white becaue its mixing with the panoxyl, what can I do to combat this?
  4. I've been on the regimen for 4 weeks now and my chin has completely cleared up, but I am finding it really difficult to clear up my cheeks, I've noticed this with alot of the products I have used in the past. My chin clears up quite well but my cheeks don't. Why is this? I have mild acne only on my cheeks and chin witht ther odd one on my forehead.
  5. I've been off the regimen for a couple of weeks because I've had to wait for more BP to be delivered and stupidly didnt use any products on my face during this time, so how much bp should I use? should I go back to the pea sized amount or should I continue where I left off? Is the only point of building up the amount you use because of the redness and irritation or is building up the amount critical to how well the regimen works?
  6. 2.5% bp and 5% do not work for me, all they do is stop my acne forming but they don't get rid of the acne that is already there. So last week I used 10% bp morning and night on friday, saturday, sunday and by monday I was halfway to being clear except I had really bad dry skin as I wasn't using a moisturizer. I didn't use one because I felt that the flaking was helping get rid of the acne. Would using a 10% bp work just as well with a moisturizer?
  7. I've used it a few times before and for me it has always got rid of my acne, but left me with really bad dry skin, to the point were if I put my finger on my chin or cheeks dandruff like crusts would fall off. So eventually I would stop using it so my skin could heal but then my acne would come back worse than before. Quinoderm do a 5% as well although I've never tried it, it may be less drying.
  8. I've found a 2.5 bp gel and used it last night but it was very rough on my skin, I couldnt get it too glide over my face like Dan shows us in the video. I had to resort to a little bit of the forbidden rubbing to get it around my face and it left white marks everywhere I had rubbed it in. But then I found out this same brand do a 2.5 bp Aquagel. would this work better? Whats the difference between gel and aquagel? Would aqaugel glide across my face?
  9. I've been on the regimen for 2 weeks now and it seems to be working, but over the past week I haven't been using any moisturizer, as it was irritating my skin. While not using the moisturizer my skin has been fine, no flakiness, no redness, no nothing. So am I alright to continue not using the moisturizer or should I start using it as Dan says on the website that you shouldn't miss out steps of the regimen?
  10. I've been on the CSR for a week now and I'm not noticing my skin getting better, infact its getting worse. I have alot more pastules then usual along with more red marks than usual. Is this normal?