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  1. Unfortunately, until some well known researcher/s actually take notice of this ailment there won't be any hard science on this topic for a while.
  2. Oh they're a combo of icepick, boxcar and rolling ones on my cheeks and mostly boxcar on my forehead. What about yours? Does your doctor do TCA?
  3. You're a prime candidate for TCA peels. Read the FAQ, start out at a low percentage, and work your way upwards. It's done wonders for my face so far.
  4. Wow, that's great. Thanks for sharing. Are these boxcar scars they're treating?
  5. Well, not to burst your bubble, but scars along the temple are notoriously difficult to fix so you may not see any results there unless you're trying to fix pigmentation issues, regardless of how it's applied. As for the rest, I don't think the overall results will differentiate all that much tho the rate of healing may be affected.
  6. Your advice could easily destroy this person's face and make their situation ten times worse. It's dangerous, how do you not get that?
  7. TCA cross is useful for icepick scars. The OP seems to have boxcars and rolling scars.
  8. The worst part of all this is no matter how many people come forward with their symptoms the medical community still refuses to acknowledge it as a problem.
  9. Are you a doctor? And if not, then why are you diagnosing me?
  10. I had severe depression before taking Finasteride. I never had brain fog. The brain fog didn't show up until my libido started to drop.
  11. Is gatekeeping allowed here? I don't understand why some people have to get worked up about other people's insecurities. If you just want to rail on the OP because they haven't reached a specific threshold for adequate scar intensity maybe don't post please.
  12. I have the same problem. As BA said there's not much you can do besides Botox and TCA peels. And maybe filler if you have a very talented doctor.