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  1. it's been said already, refrain from the products you're using for redmarks. but also you actually could be allergic to something you're using! i found out i am allergic to the inactive ingredient carbomber. it caused me rashes and more acne. and unfortunately, i have found that the scars from when i was using products with carbomber are particularly persistant in not going away. i guess i had that bad of a reaction. i think that may be your case. what i would reccomend is keeping a log of what
  2. hm im surprised cetaphil broke you out. ive never heard of that before...i'd suggest clean and clear pore cleaning cloths. cut one cloth into 6 pieces and use one piece each day. im thinking though that the cetaphil wasnt breaking you out but you were using too many products to tell what was causing it...
  3. i tried it, it kinda made me break out more. i mixed it with moisturizer. it burned my eyes even though it didnt get into them. plus it's smell is very strong and not pleasant. my mom complained about my room stinking so i stopped using it, plus like i said it made me break out more. i'd say try it, but be careful... but my advice is to use Bp rather than this stuff. unless you're allergic like me.
  4. I know the recommended brands for AHA on here are very hard to find... Here's the solution! Eucerin PLUS Intensive Repair Lotion. Has a green top. Yes, this is a lotion! My dad bought it for me when I ran out and he got this instead of the other one I usually use. I said why not, and tried it. Worked way better than the regular lotion. I have eczema and it's a lifesaver, but you have to use it everyday after a shower. Anyway, to the point, after using this for a couple of months I found out th
  5. in one of dan's how to videos he tells you how much to use.. i forgot what the exact thing was but i think he said half of the amount of bp you use. i'm not sure, you should check. though i usually use a lot and it never caused any acne or anything. just use enough so that it gets absorbed into your whole face, but not so much that after 10 min it still hasnt been absorbed. cetaphil is really good. i'd suggest trying their cleanser as well if yours starts giving you problems. also if you try
  6. thanks for your response brandy! yep i think im allergic. i did get oozing. i dunno how the allergy developed later on but it seems to have. i do have sensitive, excema prone skin however. that's why this is my 3RD TIME doing the regimen because this always happens and i quit. ugh. i guess i need to try something else. i think i might try using bp for only spot treatment as upposed to putting it on my whole face. i had one pimple on my neck, i put a lot of bp on it for 3 days and it was gone
  7. try cetaphil moisturizer instead.. it might work better..
  8. same thing is happening to me but it's been since i started. but i just used bp no birth control. it looks like a rash. i think we both are allergic to bp and we need to stop using it! this sucks. i really thought it was going to work. i guess i need to move onto something else now.
  9. i came across dan's site and ordered his bp. ive been using it for 2 weeks now and my face seems like it's getting a rash. there are small bumps clustered in different areas that are itchy. im trying to continue with the regimen hoping that these will subside as i get used to using bp over again. it's weird. i've used bp before and then i stopped for a long time, i was perfectly fine. is this some sort of delayed allergy? i've only been using bp once a day! and im still getting this! plus it l
  10. your gallery pictures greatly inspire me! thanks.

    I just need to not give up on the regimen..

  11. i'm spamming your comments...


    I wish you could edit them.

    I meant: the cetaphil cleanser won't dry out your skin and won't make it oily either

  12. I guess my comment was too long and got cut off. haha

    anyway, I was saying that I'm using DK's BP.

    and the cetaphil cleanser will not make your skin oily for sure, and I'm pretty sure it won't make it oily either. the BP is what dries out the skin.

    here's to a future of acne free skin!

  13. hey, thanks for looking at the blog as well!

    good luck on the regimen!

    ok, so I found out that the site's cleanser had some fruit extracts in it, so I opted to not get it, since I have sensitive skin.

    instead, I use cetaphil cleanser, which is also recommended by DK.

    and for a moisturizer I use neutrogena oil free moisturizer. I think it's sensitive skin as wel

  14. Hope everything goes great, I will be starting a blog as soon as my regime stuff comes in will post weekly pics - I am so excited!!

  15. hey, thanks for looking at my blog.

    i think i'm making progress, i hope.

    only thing was I had gotten sick for 2 weeks, and didnt follow the regimen that much. now i'm back again, hopefully my skin will have some improvement by the end of this month. good luck with your acne as well! =D

    i have problem cheeks too, quite annoying.

    keep me posted, i'll do the same.