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  1. I forget, what product should I use to shrink pores with the regimen?
  2. yes i would want to, you have to shave witha razor every day and razors with acne = huge scarring for life
  3. Will i be allowed to use the Regimen at basic training for the Air force? I can't find an answer anywhere
  4. please, not for me, not for dan, but for yourself.. buy dan's BP! i have a perfect regimen down for myself and the only thing that will and has made me breakout is switching to a different moisturizer, you might want to test out some different moisturizers... for me, Dan's moisturizer was great and i also did well with neutrogenas sensitive skin lotion.. when i used Cetaphil i broke out a little, switched back and it all faded away http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...&album=6684
  5. so last year i turned 21 and didnt even go drink on my birthday, why? acne. ive had uncontrollable acne my whole life, and didnt do much at all in my teens years cause of bad unpresentable acne... and now with the help of this regimen and dans products, i feel my skin on my face is perfect! wish i knew about this years ago.. simply put, i feel like i can start my life now, sadly THANK YOU
  6. in my experience, if i got redness it wasnt from the BP it is from the lotion i'm using.. try a different lotion for a while, see if that helps man. Dans lotion works great for me tho.. i recommend Neutrogena Sensitive skin Moisturizer - http://www.acne.org/neutrogena-moisture-oi...s/70/page1.html I also recommend lysol on pillows and sheets every night to kill the bacteria AND Exercise works amazing for clearing skin up, and if you wanna get big into it follow a nutrition plan this all assumi
  7. i think the money should go to advertisement! i think every acne sufferer deserves to be apart of a community like this, but most dont know this exists... commercial advertisement is where the 25k should go
  8. No, you can't feel them.. they look like theyd be bumpy but its all under my skin
  9. the more i examine my skin its NOT raised at all, its like tiny (goosebump size) blotches under my skin.. id say they look like hundreds of whiteheads that are not raised at all, but they cant be whiteheads i dont think, cause ive had them for as long as i can remember.. you can only notice them if your close, within a foot.. but if i'm real tan in the summer time theyre alot more noticeable - maybe just bad skin tone from never moisturizing I wish i had insurance, id see a professional if i c
  10. well that doesnt seem to be what i have, all the pictures on http://www.emedicine.com/ped/topic1246.htm describe what i have but theyre definetly not red like those in the pictures, theyre identical looking to goosebumps on your arm when your cold, but always there on my chest (tiny pale flesh toned raised bumps) anyone know what im talkin about? maybe tiny raised scars from acne in the past on my chest and shoulders...? but theres so many i doubt this is it
  11. GL Man, hope you find what works for you
  12. ive been using BP for 8 years and its has NEVER bleached my clothes and NEVER bleached my hair, and i use it on my neck shoulders and face
  13. ya, i recommend dan's BP.. you'll save some money i bought cetaphil LOTION and tried it for a few nights, i didnt get any use out of it.. a new pimple popped up too but i dont know if it's to blame or not. I went back to dans moisturizer fulltime and it works well
  14. thanks.. What if your face is so dry in the middle of the day and you need moisturizer .. is that ok.. i dont have that problem, but if i did.. i would not put lotion on an unclean face mid-day, i would cut back the ammount of BP i use in the morning.