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  1. That's what went through my head initially but then I realized that she probably lost a lot of weight herself and in the process wrote those books and now is a spokesperson. As for the video... wow... I knew McDonalds was bad but I didn't know its products could maintain the same color and not grow mold for years! Has anything similar been done to other fast food chains like Burger King, Wendy's, etc?
  2. Hey, thanks for taking the time to put this together! It's a really helpful resource. To all the naysayers: yes, diet does affect acne. In some people, directly, and in others, indirectly. But the connection exists - food, water, and air are the basis of life. If you put crap in your body, how can you expect it to function at its best? Hormone imbalances can be slowly corrected through adjusting one's diet and lifestyle. And yes, I know it's annoying to see other people eat junk often yet stil
  3. Thanks for the recipe ABG Fairy! It sounds awesome, I'll remember to try it when I have some cashews in the house! I've been observant about how my body reacts to different types of food recently, and I've noticed that I generally feel so much better if I have 3-4 pieces of sweet fruit or tomato for a meal, instead of cooked foods. I feel like the more cooked / the more ingredients a dish is, the longer it takes to digest. Also, I've found that I'm fine with almonds and plain oatmeal, while sim
  4. Second attempt at green smoothie today. It ended up incredibly delicious!! I used a huge handful of organic spring mix, 2/3rds of a white peach, and a bit of water. Incredible. The peach completely masks the bitterness of the greens, it is awesome.
  5. Made my first green smoothie today. Downed it as fast as I could haha, it reminded me of those huge bowls of bitter traditional Chinese medicine (liquid form) that I had to down a few months ago.
  6. I've had that happen to me a few times... Once, about a year ago, my friend's mom (who is not very polite) looked at me and said, "your face is full of bumps..." I was surprised a fully grown adult whom I knew well would say something so rude. My friend was so embarrassed for her mom. Anyways, for when you are frustrated, someone once suggested this reply: "I may have acne, but I'm actively trying to fix it; you however are stuck with that horrible attitude for the rest of your life."
  7. ... to work out without a shirt. Maybe it sounds sort of minor, but it took a lot for me to finally do it. For years, I've been really self conscious of my body acne, and refused to not cover my back. But over the past few months, my acne's started getting better, and my back didn't look like a red mess anymore. Yesterday, I decided to go for it, since my bacne is not visible from 10 feet away anyways. So I did it. My bacne will continue to get better, and even if it's not perfect, my abs mak
  8. I think workouts and their effect on acne really depend on the type of workout and the person. For me, my acne has almost always looked its best after I did some form of strenous exercise. I'd always notice that it was relatively low in inflammation after I went for a trail run, even if I was sweaty afterwards. But for me, this makes sense, as I've been told by Chinese medicine practitioners that a main trigger of my acne is poor circulation. Vigorous exercise improves circulation and thus my a
  9. I think overall a good body is more important. Overall health is the first step to overcoming any disease or undesired symptom. Acne cannot thrive in an ideal environment. So if you truly improve your body overall, your skin will definitely have some improvement because you are making the environment a little more ideal. You have direct control over your body weight, and gaining/losing muscle. However, you do not directly have control over the condition of your skin - if we did, we'd all be clea
  10. 1 - run a marathon (farthest so far is 16 miles) 2 - go on an Outward Bound course 3 - go rock climbing 4 - enjoy a couple days on a fun family trip 5 - inspire my little brother by doing something really cool 6 - learn to cook 7 - learn to surf 8 - be able to do a full split 9 - make more friends whom I can really trust 10 - be in that state of true happiness as much as I can.
  11. Acne is just like any other imperfection. We only notice it more on other people because we have it ourselves and naturally tend to pay more attention to it. People do notice, but they usually notice it like any other trait, like what color eyes one has, or one's size. Though it is true that we are often our worst enemy. A quote comes to mind: "no one can make you feel bad without your permission." Overall, what's most important is how you deal with it. If you don't let acne make you feel bad, o
  12. I'm 15 now, I've had mild acne since I was 11 and it wasn't really noticeable until I was 14. Then it becoming more noticeable and seemed hopelessly getting worse. After over a year of frustration, it finally started to get better, I'm 80-90% clear now (holistically) and it's literally improving by the week, so it'll probably be completely gone soon. I'm really happy about that. However this summer I may have to get surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, then get braces... one frustration after anot
  13. Hey, guys. For all of you who feel terrible because of your acne, who feel like it's ruining your life, anything along those lines - I've been there. I totally know how you feel. I've had times when I feel so frustrated, wonder why I ended up screwed over with acne, feel depressed and worthless. But, there is hope. One day your acne will get better, I promise. I've had acne for the past 4 years and it has gotten progressively worse every month - at first, I was frustrated, and desperately wan
  14. Have any of you heard of Chris Gibson's Acne Free in 3 Days? ***MOD EDIT**** LINK REMOVED. READ BOARD RULES. it's supposed to be some all-natural regimen you follow, diet, exercising, etc. I'm kinda skeptical. If any one has used it, does it work??